Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

Ruuti is a new power folk music trio from Finland. Its mostly self-composed music has roots in finnish and scandinavian folk music traditions and is presented with high intensity, big heart and remarkable skill. Ruuti is best enjoyed alive!


Ruuti's birth took place after a freeform late night jam session a few years ago in Helsinki, Finland. The music is rooted in Finnish and Scandinavian folk music, but these days it is quite evident that the flow of inspiration can come from whatever direction or source. The members of Ruuti share a love for improvisation, which has been an essential element in their music right from the beginning, making the music live and evolving in the moment, night after night. Important ideological element of the trio is also the balance in instrumentation. Fiddle, guitar and double bass are all equal in their roles, taking turns as soloists or backing up the rest in the next turn of the event. The band is known for their live acts where subtle moments can turn in to a furious groove and the rapid reactions between the members of the trio leads the tunes to unexpected dimensions, but most importantly never leaving the listeners alone or as outsiders.

The members of Ruuti- Kukka Lehto, Ilkka Heinonen and Topi Korhonen are distinguished characters in the Finnish music scene, whose curriculum includes top acts of the contemporary folk music scene as well as diverse pop and rock groups, theater and TV-productions.


Ruuti: Ruuti (Ääniä Records, 2009)

Set List

It´s possible for Ruuti to play either one longer (60-75) or two shorter sets (f.ex. 40-45 min each).

A typical set list would look like this:

1. Veteli
2. Pekkos Brunch/ Etkot
3. Vihtahousu
4. Polje
5. Onneni Tähdet
6. D.
7. Kristallipolska
8. Aamuvalssi
9. Jorma
10. Puro
11. Marsukka
12. Muuttoauto
13. Routajärvi