Red Wire Black Wire

Red Wire Black Wire


Red Wire Black Wire effortlessly fuse electronic and organic counterpoint to create catchy, textured compositions. One critic said the band simultaneously broke his heart and made him want to dance. Red Wire Black Wire is everything cool about modern music, boiled down to its pop essence.


Red Wire Black Wire is a Brooklyn based 5-piece that creates music with the immediacy of a DJ and the subtlety of film score. Formed at Wesleyan University, their music combines dense but precise layers of synths, guitars, strings, and pounding drums. Eschewing irony, singer Doug Walters focuses on the melancholy; critics have compared him to Robert Smith and Frank Miller. Red Wire Black Wire effortlessly fuse electronic and organic counterpoint to create catchy, textured, and revealing compositions.

Armed with synths, drum machines, whiskey, and sleep deprivation, Doug Walters recorded 7 songs in his basement over 2 weeks while on spring break. He returned to school determined to win the school’s battle of the bands with a live version his laptop compositions. Filling the band with music students from Wesleyan, Walters led the band to victory at the battle and was thereby granted the opportunity to open for Andrew W. K. and Talib Kwali at the school’s spring festival. Red Wire Black Wire have since graduated and migrated to Brooklyn, NY where they continue to refine their shiny yet brooding sound.


The Compass EP, Released 11/25/08 on Tough Customer Records. Red Wire Black Wire is currently recording a full length album, scheduled for release in September of 2009. The title track of the EP, "Compass" is streaming on RCRD LBL and has play on various college radio stations via

Set List

Set List:
Locked Out
Gold For Its Weight
Reverse Tinman
Breathing Fire
Career Woman
I Agree
Body Inside A Dress
Forget The Bees
(45 minutes)
We do not typically play covers.