Rx Bandits

Rx Bandits


Rx Bandits can not be defined by any one genre but for sure they can no longer be referred to as a 'ska' band. They are releasing their 5th Full Length album in 2006.


RX BANDITS thrive on playing live, and have become well known for putting on both physically and musically explosive shows.
For them musicianship is paramount and is always the top priority which is why the band’s 5th album 2006’s “…And the Battle Begun”, and their previous release 2003’s “'The Resignation' were both recorded live. RX BANDITS then make it a priority to go about making sure that they create a unique and different experience from those recordings for their live shows. RX BANDITS have become more than just a band, they have started their own musical community of sorts, a matrix of music and art with all of it’s members participating in various side projects including: The Sound of Animals Fighting, Apotheke, Satori, Technology and many others. Stemming from this ‘community” came the record label Mash Down Babylon (MDB) Records, that will release the RX BANDITS New Album entitled …And the Battle Begun.


1998- Those Damn Bandits (Pharmacuetical Bandits)
1999- Halfway between Here and There
2001 - Progress
2003 - The Resignation
2006- ...And the Battle Begun