RX Family

RX Family

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(smartass hip-hoppers+all world producer) X (props-garnering live game accentuated by heavy, aesthetically pleasing full band forged on regional friendships from high school) = the real deal



products of crockett high school in south austin, the rx family established an inner circle of freestyle and flow virtuosos as graduation approached back in the spring of '03. nothing was expected to come from this until their varsity football/band geek friend, david mcknight, came back from his first semester of college with hot beats he'd cooked up.

immersed in academia at various central texas higher learning institutions, the crew spent weekends manifesting hundreds of esoteric, playful home recordings which they'd burn and hawk to strangers.

as 2006 came to a close, the inner circle of friends decided to start playing live. they wanted a band to solidify the experience, to diversify and stand out. ramon's brother had a punk band. two wholes joined to create a beastly machine of live hip-hop.

in the spring of 2007, one week before a regional final in the emergenza showcases, with a trip to LA on the line, the band broke up while recording in an expensive studio with plush, leather couches.

they reunited, however, that fall to open up for method man at the texas union ballroom. gigs around austin came easy with the ability to name-drop.

in 2008, the rx family plans to play any and everywhere, and bookend the year by self-releasing two albums: a mcknight-produced, traditional beats and emcee studio vehicle full of bangers and a minimalistic, experimental, meticulously layered full-band album they're recording in a red barn out in bastrop, texas.

it's a tall order for the young band, all between 20-24 years of age, but in the end they'll get rich or rob gas stations.
- ramon from rx, writing in the third person


- Mac and Cheese, Ladies Say Please VOL. 1 (2003, self-released)
- Bustin' Down the Door EP (2004, s/r)
- RX Family: Chopped and Screwed (2005, s/r)
- The Prescription (2006, s/r)

- BEASTS (2008)
- PART.DEUCE.II (2008)

Set List

20-90 minutes

- original, full band songs
- adapted versions of beat-centered songs
- the occasional Keith Sweat cover