Victoria, AUS
SoloHip Hop

“Impeccably produced music and design-conscious artwork are just some of the reasons why Ry is the next big name in hip hop.” - Manuscript Magazine


Hailing from Melbourne’s suburbia, Ry isn’t afraid of dreaming big. Although he’s softly spoken, he’s also quietly confident and unashamedly ambitious.

It’s this confidence that underpins Ry’s effortless swag, complex rhymes, and a sonic flow that lends itself to an intoxicating mix of iconic American hip hop.

After discovering his idols Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan and OutKast, Ry started rapping in secret as a teenager in his bedroom, and he admits, “It was only about 5 or 6 years ago that I developed the confidence to learn how to construct songs and make music. Fortunately, Melbourne is filled with so many great bars, clubs and events for young hip hop artists, so I’ve really been able to use that to my advantage.”

When Triple J recently plucked him out as a featured Unearthed act, Ry admits that moment put him on the local map, gaining him radio exposure and giving him some great momentum.

His latest single Gimme That is a breezy homage to late 90s East Coast hip hop, but although it’s jam packed with lyrical wit and a killer chorus, underneath it’s a personal reminder for Ry, who admits “Sometimes I take things too seriously, but this song is about the opposite of that. The ultimate high is just to let go.”

However, Ry’s not letting go of his vision, and that’s evident on his 6 track EP Ivory Coast, whose title refers to the West African country: “It’s a dangerous place, but also a beautiful place. It’s full of contradictions and surprises, and my EP is a lot like that. Artistically, I’m trying to break boundaries and take risks.”

Finally, Ry’s risks could be about to pay off. “It’s the fear of being so close and losing it all that keeps me going,” he admits. “One little thing could change it all. It could validate all the little things I’ve done in the last two years on a leap of faith – gigs with no pay, shitty hotel rooms, all those things that they don’t tell you in the fine print when you say you want to be a musician. This could finally justify everything.”