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Ryan Acton

Jarrettsville, Maryland, United States

Jarrettsville, Maryland, United States
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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I have 2 original songs right now:

For What It's Worth

Ain't Nothin Special



I grew up in Abingdon, Maryland in a town that once was very nice. Everyone seemed friendly until the town grew. Everyone changed. It was hard growing up as a kid from time to time, where I made friends I made them, but I had my share of bullies as well. I guess that's why I loved music so much. It was the one thing that took me away from all of the negative things in my life and made me who I am today. I started out listening to hard rock, eventually heavy metal and alternative. Then one day I saw a guitar at a retail store and said, I wanna play the guitar, and man I did just that! Thanks to my fathers music background, a man who loved classic rock and played a mean set of drums, I wanted to be the next rocker in the family. I started playing the guitar when I was just about 11 years old and I loved it! I took music lessons 15 minutes down the road from where I lived and eventually had 3 different guitar instructors, all of which taught me their own unique styles. Yeah I loved lessons back then and they paid off. During my sophmore year I eventually moved to Jarrettsville, Maryland where I live now, which at first was a tough change for me. I missed my friends and who wouldn't? But man was I happy to get out of the city. I went from going to Edgewood High to North Harford High in a matter of days, which was fine by me. It was a better school and a better area for me and my parents to live in. I came into North Harford not knowing what to expect, but it made me happy when I realized they had a guitar ensemble. I played with a bunch of unique guitarists and we performed solos, duets, trios, quartets, basically it was another style of guitar, classical guitar. I couldn't believe how musically involved I became at such a young age with many talented musicians among me. We played at school concerts and events that sat to nearly and over a thousand people which meant a big deal to me at the time. I made great friends, and still do to this day because of that transition in my life. It was because of the experience I had with the guitar that I made $2,200 in scholarship money, dedicated to a close friend I got to know who passed away in a car accident. He too was part of the guitar ensemble, and if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have had the same experience at North Harford. I only knew him for about 2 years, yet he was such a good friend to me. If your curious, I've been in love before. She asked me to play guitar with her in dedication to my friend and I did. It was because of that I got to know a very beautiful girl who was very talented and could have made a name for herself. As time rolled on however she changed. She wanted to live life as a party gal and eventually left a lot of people wondering why. I was going to marry her, I thought she wanted to be with me but I guess her instincts took over. We didn't end on the best of notes but I am happy I got to know her. I moved on with my life, started a youtube account, and record videos every now and then. A lot of my work can be found on youtube under ryanacton1989 (my account). I've done a lot of covers but just recently started writing my own material. Thanks to my mom I started listening to country music, and now I love the idea of being a cowboy! It's all about having fun and having a good time out there. Sharing stories like mine and making something out of nothing. That's what my life is all about. To sum it up, I'm a man who works hard at school, loves his family and friends, and cherishes all of the moments that make me who I am today.