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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF
Solo Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Presenting Mr. Ryan Ahern, Two Times World Champion Pianist"

Of the nine instruments I play, my favorite is the piano. I am a sucker for a good piano and always have been. Right now, my three favorite pianists are the Polish Catholic, Frederic Chopin, the American Jewish, Oscar Levant and the American, Ryan Ahern. Since the first two have been long gone from this life, you can see I waited along time for Ryan.

At the Fremont Experience, this past February, I couldn't believe my eyes. While I was trying to get over that, then I couldn't believe my ears!

It wasn't eye candy but rather eye steak called, "The Piano Rig" and it's too much to describe in words but check it out in the photo, this page.

What my ears could not believe was that this man was doing things with a piano that I had never heard or even imagine could be! It sounded like four hands were playing! Nobody ever made such difficult music look and sound so easy. It is just impossible.

Since that February I've heard Mr. Ahern more times than I can count and have since had pleasure of meeting and knowing him and his greatest fan of all, Mrs. Loly Ahern. And yet I still cannot believe my ears.

Carl Ferris said he had enough of playing in casino hotels where you have to play dance music; they want this and don't like that. At The Experience if they don't like it, they can just walk on by, but Carl gets to play his music and gets great exposure all the time.

Ryan Ahern too had his share of confining venues and far too many smoky, boozy rooms for a man who doesn't do or really much like either of these options. Like Carl, Ryan loves people too. Both are at their best and are most happy as real performers among real people, out in the open and free to play whatever they desire, whenever they want.

Back in February, Ryan was all duded up in black tie and tux and sporting a nine foot, top of the line Steinway Grand. Musicians know that this is the piano of all pianos, costs more than God has in his budget and will be worth much more in about five minutes.

We are talking a very, very class act here.

Unfortunately I learned in a June conversation with Ryan, after asking about it, that due to the wonders of our outdoor desert climate, it couldn't and wouldn't hold tuning long enough to be repeatedly used.

But in February, it got the job done and Ryan did just as well. He had his rig set up inside The Fremont Street Experience with full lighting and cameras for a multimedia demo concert or shoot.

This month, meeting Ryan for the first time since that February night I naturally inquired as to how the demo turned out. He said, "Great! It got me a four month contract at Universal Studios, Hollywood!" Not too shabby!

Most readers who have been privileged to live in Las Vegas for more than a few years recognize Ryan's Christian name, the family that's been here pretty much since the beginning of Las Vegas.

Ryan and Loly are the only Aherns I've met so far and they are one of the loveliest, most kind and giving couples I've met in my 58 years all over the world.

His family is more likely to say Ryan and Loly are great blessings to the family, rather than how proud they are of them. I'm thankful too, because on top of music that melts my heart and cheers my spirit, each time we have a chat I leave wishing these two were my grandkids!

Ryan does not play only his own music. As it happens and it does all the time, there is no song that he does not know and perform uniquely and consummately. This is not boasting but just how it is!

My two favorites in Ryan's repertoire are his own composition, "One Last Song," and what I call the Malaguena Boogie Woogie fugue.

Ahern has great intuition for popular favorites and runs the gamut completely with favorites like "Penelope" and "Corazon De Nino," to movie theme medleys that include "Superman's Can You Read My Mind," "Beaches' The Wind Beneath My Wings" and "The Godfather's Speak Softly Love."

From Broadway, Ryan plays "Tomorrow," the show, "Annie."

He does usually, at least six most popular TV themes, his way and better than the originals, each and every one. Go to see and hear Ryan and then you'll recognize the songs.

Seems to me as I watch, that his favorite, at the moment is his four boogie woogie song set, which Ryan composed in toto.

I asked him about these tunes and he remarked that he hoped I noticed that at no time did his hands ever leave his arms. I've been warning him about playing in the direct summer son, but he doesn't listen.

Ryan is currently at The Fremont Street Experience from 7 PM to near midnight on Sundays and Mondays with Saturday Afternoons thrown in for a bonus. He also performs at Westward Ho Hotel and Casino on the Strip Thursday and Fridays. His schedule is booming and subject to change. See his website below for further information.

The final great, good news is that this virtuoso has a new CD just out. He sells them where he performs and autograph the CD's or jackets. CD's are only $15.00 per and worth much more in enjoyment and memories of nights at The Experience.

Ryan Ahern's latest is "No City Limits." www.RyanAhern.com or www.PianoRig.com

- Tribune Media Group

"Ryan Ahern - Liberace Reborn!"

Ryan's own headliner show is a spectacle, performing music from Broadway to his award-winning Boogie-Woogie, and while having experience with his own 35-piece orchestra, he delivers a world-class piano concert that you really don't see much anymore. This 26 year old world-class pianist is a sensation to anyone who attends.

The skill of being a professional pianist is quite an accomplishment. To achieve such a level deserves the highest respect, but there are some that rise above the rest and bring their skills to the a level that would rival Liberace. Ryan Ahern is one of those limited few who took the challenge and made it to the top..

Ryan is a favorite to many. He commands the full attention of his audiences with many waiting anxiously for his autograph. Despite the enormous noteriety, Ryan continues to maintain a humble attitude and shows the same level of respect to everyone he meets.

In my interview with Ryan, he shared how he has always looked up to the accomplishments of Liberace. According to Ryan, "Liberace had a unique style and manner of playing that set him apart from the average professional, he was in a class all his own." It is common knowledge that Liberace moved the hearts of thousands of people across the globe.

When Liberace was still alive, I had the honor to see him perform on numerous occasions. Ryan demonstrates that same unique style and demeanor in his playing that made Liberace a favorite across the globe.

Ryan is creating an entirely new avenue of performance that is like nothing else in the industry. Ryan has created a whole new venue of performing on a 9' Steinway Concert Grand Piano which is mouted on the flat bed of a semi rig! Ryan performs across the globe with this rig, including Universal Studios, Hollywood! Ryan was recently performing with his rig at a major tourist attraction in Las Vegas, NV at the Fremont Street Experience. Ryan will also be performing for free in the Las Vegas community on December 15th, 2005 at the FunHog Ranch in Las Vegas. This performance is his pre-Christmas gift to the community, his way of giving back to the community that has supported his success all these years.

Ryan has demonstrated an immeasureabe skill in his performance on the piano. Creativity and quality are synonymous with the talent he demonstrates.

It is with great excitement that I am honored to announce that Ryan Ahern has earned the highly coveted Las Vegas "LIVE" - "Award of Excellence" for December 2005. His talent and humble attitude have demonstrated he is well deserving of this highly coveted award.

http://www.lasvegaslive.org/product_review.html?p=Ryan%20Ahern%20-%20Liberace%20Reborn! - Las Vegas Live!

"Ryan Ahern and Elton John - Las Vegas and its Red Pianos"

Piano magician extraordinaire!!! Ryan Ahern caught us by surprise during our visit to the Freemont Experience. The music explodes of the Piano Rig © the piano is attached to. This rig gives new meaning to "on location" performance.

First, as we strolled down Freemont, with all the commotion any street event creates, we were unsure where the Boogie-Woogie was coming from. There was a crown drawn around a huge, shiny decked-out "Big-Rig", and this great music seemed to be coming from that direction. We drew closer and what a show we were fortunate to find. This gorgeous truck is topped of with a custom Metallic Chili Pepper Red Grand Piano, like a cherry plopped atop a sundae.

The magic didn't stop with the view; the ivory keys were being pounded on by Ryan Ahern. What a talent! He had the crowd mesmerized. From Broadway show tunes, Latin American to the Classical he appeals to all ages, which is just who the Freemont Experience attracts.

In a "Las Vegas Live" interview, Ryan shared how he always has looked up to the style and abilities of Liberace. He demonstrates some of the unique style in his playing that made Liberace such a favorite.

See more photos and read the story of the Piano Rig on the official site.

CD's produced by Ryan Ahern

Speaking of Red Piano's…

Sir Elton John is auctioning off his touring piano that he has played on CNN's Larry King Live, American Idol and the 2004 Radio Music Awards. This auction will be held at eBay Feb 27 - March 9 2006. Opening bid is $85,000. WOW.

"The charity auction of this one-of-a-kind piano on eBay offers a unique opportunity for a fan or collector to own a major piece of music history while simultaneously raising funds to support the critical work of prevention, education and treatment of AIDS," said the Elton John AIDS Foundation Director Scott Campbell.

The piano, named "Fiona" by Elton, was featured in the publicity photograph used to promote "The Red Piano's" sold-out concerts at Caesars Palace. The piano was on display in the Colosseum Lobby, where Celine Dion also performs her show, "A New Day"
- BellaOnline's Southwest USA Editor

"Presenting the only fully dedicated piano performance vehicle in the world"

The newest invention created by World Champion Pianist, Ryan Ahern. He has taken the live piano performance genre by storm, raised the bar of on-location performance, and created the PianoRig(c). This beautiful, shiny, chromed-out Freightliner has been customized from bumper to bumper to bring world-class piano to the general public. Wrapped with custom designed artwork on photo quality vinyl. The clean lines of this classic Freightliner make PianoRig(c) catch the eye like a magnet.
Equipped with a 9' Steinway Concert Grand Piano mounted on the flat bed, The Pianorig(c) unveiled at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, NV on October 18, 2004.
The PianoRig(c) has received unprecedented reviews. Ryan Ahern and the PianoRig(c) will be performing at The Truck Show Las Vegas, June 15, 16 and 17. Be sure to stop by, you don’t want to miss this!

http://www.truckshow.com/specialevents.html - Independant Trade Show Management

"Keyboard of the Month"

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Ryan Ahern could just drive his Piano Rig right in through the wall if he really wanted to. Starting life in September 2004 as a faded Freightliner, Piano Rig took shape over the next several weeks as Ahern lavished paint, chrome, a custom flatbed platform, and vinyl graphics on the truck. Oh yeah, and a Steinway concert grand. All he needs now is a sleeper cab and he could live and work on the road permanently. Visit www.pianorig.com to find out how to book one of the greatest piano talents in the country and the Rig for your next backyard barbecue. Hope you've got a BIG backyard...

Keyboard Magazine, May 2005 - Keyboard Magazine

"A tricked-out truck is the stage for a popular Vegas piano show"

Plenty of musicians spend the majority of their time on the road, but pianist Ryan Ahern has given the term travelling musician a whole new meaning. Every night at Las Vegas’ Fremont Street Experience, Ahern performs a live show on his PianoRig, a 1985 Freightliner with a Steinway 9’ Concert Grand mounted on the flat bed trailer.
World champion pianist Ahern originally had the idea to put on a show from a small piano in the back of a pickup truck. Soon he realized a full-size big rig would have far more impact. “The classic long nose of the Freightliner and all of its smooth lines and shiny accents made it irresistible,” he says. “The success was already there before I even played a note.”

The PianoRig debuted on Oct. 18, 2004, in Las Vegas, and since then more than 2,000 shows have been performed on the back of the truck. Ahern attracts both music fans and truck aficionados to his nightly shows, where he performs a mix of Broadway classics, movie hits and boogie-woogie music. The rig is equipped with lights, carpeting and a fog machine, as well as a device that allows Ahern to sound the air horn from his piano bench.

But the PianoRig has given Ahern more than just a smash Vegas show — it also compelled him to learn a new skill. When he began performing, Ahern employed a small team of people to drive the rig from location to location. Then, he decided it was only right that he be the one behind the wheel. So, he studied up and earned his CDL. “The rig was good to me, forgiving and willing,” he says. “She and I made an immediate connection and I was driving like I had been doing it my entire life.”

In fact, one of Ahern’s favorite parts of the job is driving his rig down the highway every day from his private rehearsal facility to the show. He watches as other motorists notice the unusual rig and snap photos. “It’s the only piano in the world with a seat belt!” he says laughing.

For more information about the PianoRig, or to order CDs of the show, visit www.pianorig.com.

See the Article for yourself at:
- Road King Magazine-2007


Ryan Ahern, Solo
Ryan Ahern, No City Limits
Ryan Ahern, Pure Imagination
Ryan Ahern, Show Bonus Album
The Tino Turtle Travels Children's Book Series, 5 Narrated Audio-Books including all Theme Songs, Foley Arts, and Narration.



Las Vegas-born Ryan Ahern began playing drums at the age of 7 adding the piano to his studies at age 12. With a passion for the instrument he was performing piano professionally at age 14. In his hometown of Las Vegas, throughout his teens, he began entertaining as the house pianist at the Liberace Mansion. Corporate events and private parties filled Ryan’s schedule till his 20’s when he then began performing at Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA and the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas on his world renown, PianoRig© . Most recently, Ryan has been a featured headliner on 8 major cruise lines and has been expanding his library of piano recordings.

Some notable awards he was given are the Las Vegas Live Award of Excellence, The Crystal Piano Award from the Liberace Foundation, the Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year award from the South Bay Music Awards, and Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, officially named February 23, Ryan Ahern’s Piano! Las Vegas Day for the entire state to celebrate in honor of his Headliner show performing exclusively at the Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino.

He presents the most dynamic and exciting showcase of piano mastery that’s available anywhere in the world. From Broadway and movie music to Rock n' Roll and his award winning Boogie-Woogie. Latin american music, classical, contemporary, and pop also fill the concert hall at Ryan's live shows. There’s a reason why Billboard magazine named Ryan “one of the top artists in the country”. His touring and performance calendar has taken him to over 90 countries in the past 5 years and he continues to tour internationally performing for Tens of thousands of piano fans every year.

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