Ryan Asher

Ryan Asher


Combining catchy pop melodies with contemplative undertones, Ryan Asher harmonizes with the sensitive side of music and enters into a realm that such notables as Duncan Sheik and Damien Rice have begun to explore.


Imagine locking Coldplay, Duncan Sheik, and Damien Rice in a room for 3 months--the outcome might sound something like The Waiting Room, Ryan Asher's first full-length release. Britpop with the introspective touch of a traditional singer/songwriter, Asher delivers an acoustic conglomeration of distant romance, self-reflection, technological progress, love on hold, and second chances. Hushed verses evolve into soaring choruses; a clever lyric turns up at just the right location; and the pop song is blown apart and reconstructed in ways that defy the conventional expectations of the pop singer/songwriter.

“Was I Too Late?” shuffles along with a playful melody and sarcastic lines of regret. Longing for a love that’s perfect--that unobtainable fairy tale--the devastatingly somber “Unbreakable Love” begs for someone to fill the holes. And in the heavier “Words on a Screen”, Asher exhales and explores the ways in which technology is changing the way we communicate. The Waiting Room is an exhibition of Asher’s diverse influences, his addiction to the sound of a well-strung acoustic guitar, and an exploration towards the outer boundaries of the 3-minute pop song.


The Waiting Room (2006)
Conscious Universe EP (2005)

Set List

Over 120 min. of original material
Extensive list of unique covers of anything from The Beatles to Coldplay to Nick Drake.