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"April 2005 CD Reviews"

"It's tough to say a lot about a four-song EP, especially when the material sounds as promising as it does on Ryan Asher's newest release, Conscious Universe. Each track--Lost in the Crowd, Universe, No Compromise, Swan Song--bubbles over with bittersweet love and sadness.

This emotional balance is the crux on which Asher balances his acoustic sound and strong sense of melody. Teetering like a child's seesaw between golden melody and lyrical pop bliss, Asher makes true song-writing talent seem effortless. This balance is the key to Asher's quiet yet sharp delivery. Any one of the tracks on this stellar EP is worth your time, and I encourage a swift purchase as soon as you're finished reading." ***** - Pulse Weekly Magazine

"Relationships inspire Ryan Asher"

"Muhlenberg singer/songwriter Ryan Asher recorded his new EP "Conscious Universe" over the span of three months, running in and out of the studio from August to November. His finished product has quite an impressive sound--a blend of intricate guitar riffs laced with sugar-coated piano melodies. Pop the CD in your friend's car, they'll never guess it hasn't sold a million copies.

For Asher, the album is his pass to play gigs. And it's definitely worked --this has been his busiest month ever, playing in packed coffee houses in Bethlehem.

"I love doing gigs," explains Asher. "When a person says they enjoyed my music, it's worth everything."

Very recently, he took part in a taping for the television show "The Stage," a program that interviews rising musicians. It will air in over ten different counties, and nearly 100 cities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The upcoming episode will feature a live performance of one of his new songs.

Showing some very obvious shades of Radiohead and Coldplay, Asher's style of mellow acoustic music pertains to both guys who like jazzy guitar riffs, and girls who enjoy emotionally-driven lyrics.

The album opens with "Lost in the Crowd," arguably his best song. The first series of guitar chords immediately hook the listener. The chorus is catchy, and his guitar playing is dead-on great. It's a track that best represents him as both a writer and musician. If there's one song that could possibly become a Billboard 100 single, this is it.

Following is "Universe," a song about a long-distance relationship. Asher describes the song as "the feeling you get when you're on the way to see someone you love, and you realize they're the center of your universe." The music itself feels somber and melancholy, but Asher's voice adds a kind of optimism that speaks over the gloominess of the instrumental melody.

Next is the more upbeat "No Compromise." He commences with a little distorted guitar and adds the African Djembe drum into the mix. The music itself is downright jazzy and hip, and Asher sounds like he's having a blast behind the microphone.

The final track is the "Swan Song," an appropriate follow-up. It's about saying goodbye to a rough relationship. Asher's trademark guitar licks are present, and so are his multi-layered chorus vocals. It ends the EP very well.

There's no doubt that if Asher were backed by a full band, he could do some real, serious damage. "I'm going to expand the EP," he reveals. "This is a taste of what's to come. I've experimented with new types of song styles, more upbeat, more catchy. My expanded vision will be all about the music." - Marshall Slayton, The Muhlenberg Weekly

"Max Crema's Coffee House Review"

"A wonderful performer and a favorite at Max Cremas. Outstanding talent so early in his career... A terrific start..." - Michelle Granitz, Owner

"Acoustic Roadshow Showcasing Group Review"

"An exceptional songwriter... charismatic stage presence, displays a professional attitude, follow-through, attention to detail, and a genuine desire to make certain that he has done his best. It's very exciting when a performer has all the right ingredients." - Butch Imhoff, Founder/Promoter


The Waiting Room (2006)
Conscious Universe EP (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Imagine locking Coldplay, Duncan Sheik, and Damien Rice in a room for 3 months--the outcome might sound something like The Waiting Room, Ryan Asher's first full-length release. Britpop with the introspective touch of a traditional singer/songwriter, Asher delivers an acoustic conglomeration of distant romance, self-reflection, technological progress, love on hold, and second chances. Hushed verses evolve into soaring choruses; a clever lyric turns up at just the right location; and the pop song is blown apart and reconstructed in ways that defy the conventional expectations of the pop singer/songwriter.

“Was I Too Late?” shuffles along with a playful melody and sarcastic lines of regret. Longing for a love that’s perfect--that unobtainable fairy tale--the devastatingly somber “Unbreakable Love” begs for someone to fill the holes. And in the heavier “Words on a Screen”, Asher exhales and explores the ways in which technology is changing the way we communicate. The Waiting Room is an exhibition of Asher’s diverse influences, his addiction to the sound of a well-strung acoustic guitar, and an exploration towards the outer boundaries of the 3-minute pop song.