Ryan Ayers

Ryan Ayers


Ryan Ayers is a solo guitarist who uses impeccable technique to share evocative instrumental stories. His pieces are less rigid compositions and more soundscapes and narratives that explore the diverse melodies, rhythms, and textures available in a guitar.


Ryan Ayers began playing guitar at the age of thirteen. He attended Loyola Marymount
University and graduated with degrees in classical guitar performance and recording
arts. It was there that he began his studies with classical guitarist Martha Masters.

An active composer for over ten years, Ryan released his first record of ten original
pieces for guitar entitled ermita in 2011. In 2012, he published the corresponding sheet
music and tablature. These pieces employ classical guitar technique to explore the
reaches of steel string and finger style guitar. A gifted melodist, Ryan also likes to
experiment with gestures, textures, and rhythmic ideas in his compositions.

In addition to composing, Ryan records and produces recordings and albums for other
guitarists and solo instrumentalists.


ermita - Full Length Debut Album