Ryan Conklin

Ryan Conklin

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Ryan Conklin is a man of many distinguished accomplishments - he served his country fighting in Iraq, was a favorite cast member on "The Real World: Brooklyn", and became a celebrated author of his Iraq memoirs. His experiences show how curiosity can lead to a life of incredible adventure.


During his appearance on Real World: Brooklyn, Ryan Conklin was known for enlisting in the Army at age 17 in the aftermath of 9/11. The world saw Ryan receive his notice recalling him to duty, showing a personal side of the war that had never been aired before. Ryan discusses the war bluntly as a gritty but funny memoir from a grunt's perspective, revealing what the war is really like day to day - the boredom, absurdity, horror, and even moments of grace. Note that this lecture is neither pro nor anti-war and is not intended to be a debate. We want your students to get the facts and learn about the lifestyle of our troops overseas.