Ryan Conroy

Ryan Conroy

BandPopAdult Contemporary

An interesting and fresh take on finger-style guitar playing. Employing many techniques that are usually considered "showy", Ryan has learned how to implement these skills to benefit the melody, not hinder it.


Twenty-two year old Ryan Conroy has been playing guitar now for 9 years. Growing up in the town of Suffolk, Virginia, he was constantly exposed to many different types of music due to his parents both being musicians. "The memory that sticks in my mind mainly from my childhood was that my father would never get home until late in the morning from his shows. I remember we (the kids) were always wondering where he was. Now its very ironic because in a sense, I've become somewhat like him."

Ryan just started playing shows last year, starting off small with corporate events in Smithfield and Williamsburg. He has now played at many venues, released a full-length CD, and currently runs his small studio, "Floyd's Recording Records".

In regards to the musical and technique side, Ryan was inspired when he saw the late Michael Hedges utilize a two-handed tapping approach to the guitar. He then found out about the Chapman Stick (a 10 string guitar-bass hybrid) and started to pull alot of the musical devices from that instrument and apply it to the guitar.


mid 2005 - Acoustic Propagation EP

2005 - Acoustic Propagation

Set List

A typical set list will include covers, but with an original stamp put on to them.

Set list can range from 50 mins to 3 hours.

Covers include pieces from the Beatles, Cake, CSN, Yes, Jethro Tull, Radiohead, and others.