Ryan Daniel

Ryan Daniel

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
BandHip HopReggae

This is a representation in sound that defies classification. A steady dose of Dancehall over R&B and Hip Hop grooves.


Ryan Daniel has risen on the Christian music scene as a force that cannot be denied. Seeing him in concert, one recognizes an authority unique among artists that originates from the firm conviction that God has called him to use his music to bring transformation to people's lives.
Cousin of international recording superstar Nicki Minaj and known as "the Reggae Hip-Hop Sensation", Ryan's reggae-infused style flows naturally from his Caribbean roots, where Hip-Hop had also become an influence. Growing up in this particular time and culture gives Ryan an authentic voice with which to speak to the multitudes that embrace reggae hip-hop worldwide.
Ryan originated from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. He grew up in a family of four boys, he being the oldest. Blessed with having an up-bringing in a Christian home, Ryan developed a love for God and a sensitivity to the Spirit of God from an early age.
In Trinidad, Ryan became a major influence on the Christian dancehall scene. His style and sound is one that defies classification. It's been called, "a steady dose of dancehall over R&B and Hip-Hop grooves".
Ryan Daniel's music has drawn well-deserved attention from many highly respected elements in the music world. One of his accomplishment in 2010 was to write 'The Saints' which became one of the favorite fans songs for Super Bowl Champs, The New Orlean Saints. In 2006, Ryan Daniel and the Spirit of David was nominated for the prestigious Marlin Awards in three categories; Music Video of the Year, Pop Recording of the Year, and Ethnic Recording of the Year. Also in 2006, Ryan Daniel debuted at #39 on the Billboard Gospel charts, as part of Holy Hip Hop, Volume 3. His smash hit, "One Time", is part of that compilation. Holy Hip Hop Volume 1 was also nominated for a Grammy.
At Life Light Festival, the largest Christian festival in the country, Ryan shared the main stage with the likes of The Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, Go Fish and Audio Adrenaline, Third Day and many others.
In 2004, Christianity Today named Ryan in "The Best of 2004: 10 Independent Artists You Should Know." Also in May of 2004, Ryan Daniel and the Spirit of David took 1st place in the rock category, (not an easy feat since they weren't a rock band!) at Club 3 Degrees in Minneapolis, MN. Club 3 Degrees is presently known as one of, if not the largest Christian club in the country, and were recently featured in Rolling Stone magazine.
Ryan has been a worship leader for over 17 years and presently serves and recently launched Spirit of David Worship. Ryan is one of those rare musicians able to find relevancy in and out of church settings. Ryan is presently working on a new project. His 2008 release, "The Prophets and the Planet" is still a frenzied favorite around the world
His debut album, "Life in General" was released in 2003.
"I am by no means perfect, so I do not fear failure. What I do fear however, is having to look my Savior in the eye one day and explain why His all wasn't good enough for mine." Ryan Daniel


Return of the King

Written By: Ryan Daniel

Return of the King
Copyright 2003
Ryan Daniel and the Spirit of David

We go tell them exactly who it the best
Who the real patherphamilias
The true test he will cause a big mess
He bust up in the east, and shine in the west
Telling all the people who the king is for sure
Drop a killer beat and make them come back for more
Point them to the King show them who is the Door
You can’t buy this gift not for 1 mill. Or 4
What the King paid for me cost Him much more
We drop out of the pews and hit the dance floor
Set the world on fire, send it in an uproar
From nation to nation and shore to shore!

Every time, that you look around
keep your eyes to the sky cause He might come down
For the weak and the strong are you ready to go home
He gave His whole life to save this whole world!
For the King we wait expecting
with a brand new style to make them dance and sing
Not for whining, or grinding
As we faithfully await the Return of the King

Check this thing look I know the Man real
To succeed you need more than just zeal
Drop upon your knees and tell Him how you feel
He don’t miss a thing He hears every appeal
Open your heart and Him come in
Listen to me chant and hear me stylin
NO man can stand against this Supreme Being
If you die in your sin you'll know what I mean!

Pump this in your living room and make the windows Shatter
Up in the suburbs and down in the ghetto
Everyone must bow down and size doesn’t matter
If you’re walking in the Spirit,
Then you’re walking in the Power!

I know you really wanna vibe with this
Let your Spirit flow with this
All you people praise to this
Lift up your soul and flow with this

Die Empty

Written By: Ryan Daniel


Help me to die empty Father, if I go before you come
Help me to die empty Father
Thy will be done. Thy Kingdom come.

Life’s a stage, all men players
You get one entrance and you get one exit
With all that’s going on, what will I be when life is done?
Will I regret all of the things I never fulfilled?
And when the final deed is done
And there’s no more sight or sound
Will I leave behind anything more than tears on a tombstone?

Lord you know my heart, way back before you formed me
Father all my fears and weaknesses are plain before you
I want to be like you. And stay true to what I’m called.
And finish this race at a pace that gives you honor
Like you emptied yourself, let me pour out my life too.
Help me walk with you, walk with you
Until I am done

The Prophets and The Planet

Written By: Ryan Daniel


The Lord is my master.
He’s the only one I seek after.
And He deliver me from utter disaster.
And I will follow Him. I will follow Him

Under the shelter of His wings I will trust and stay
And inna the good and the bad I’ll give thanks and pray
Jesus Christ Him still is the answer. Him still the way
Why don’t you open your heart and trust Him today
The time we getting upon this earth man, it’s not to long
Just like a memory in the summer time that comes and gone
So what’s the meaning of life and purpose of man?
It’s to fear the Lord Almighty and keep His commands
I will not be afraid of the terror by night
Or the nuclear bomb that may come my way
Or what the critics have to say about my music
Cause only the Lord’s opinion matters
Whoever sets a trap for me will fall into
Cause no weapon formed against me will prosper

Even if I die yet I will live
Because I got the gift that the father give


"The Prophets and The Planet" 2008 December
myspace.com/rdsod to learn more.

Debut Album : "Life in General" 2003
Monster hits "Return of the King" and "One Time"

Set List

The Prophets and The Planet
Die Empty
What You Gonna Do
The Saints
Time Goes On
I'm Confident
Return of the King
Blessed is He
Hear us, Believe Us
Voice of the Lion
One Time
Make it Through