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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"Ryan Farish performing at Neon Carnival, one of the most anticipated parties during music festival season."

We recently discovered electronica artist Ryan Farish through his use of the Google Play artist hub. Through our Magnified Artists program, he had the opportunity to perform for celebs and influencers at Neon Carnival, one of the most anticipated outdoor parties in the US. Watch Ryan Farish perform live and learn more about how we identify artists for these opportunities at http://goo.gl/ZIoIy. - Google Play

"Audi Collaborates with Grammy Nominated Electronic Trance Artist Ryan Farish for #remarkableaudi Song Set"

Audi has a legion of dedicated fans. In fact, a recent Visibli study found that the auto brand has more engaged social media followers than even Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. That must mean these fans have quite a few stories to share about how the German luxury automaker gained their loyalty. Audi wants to share these stories with the rest of the world and to do so the company launched the “Remarkable Audi Film ” series. Each installment in the series focuses on real people who discuss what Audi means to them. There are no rehearsed scripts – Audi just turns on the camera and lets the story unfold.

Audi recently paired with Grammy nominated electronic chill-out/trance artist and TT Mk1 driver Ryan Farish to create a collection of songs under the project name #RemarkableAudi. The four songs, entitled "Hondling Hands", "Opus [Radio Edit]", "Flight of the Angels" and "RPM" can be found at Ryan's website (linked at the bottom). It seems the collection was inspired by Farish's preference to use his Audi as part of his creative process.
- Remarkable Audi – Ryan Farish

"Washington, D.C.-Meet The Board: Ryan Farish"

Washington, D.C.-Meet The Board: Ryan Farish

Submitted by Kayenecha on September 6, 2012 - 6:48am

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Ryan Farish
washington dc
Washington D.C.

Ryan Farish- Artist, Producer, GRAMMY Nominated Song Writer

Washington, D.C. Chapter Governor

Who is the most interesting person you’ve worked with and why?

Paul Hardcastle (Jazz Masters). Paul is a legend in the contemporary jazz world, and has sold millions of records, and also has numerous #1 Billboard albums. Paul is based in London, and reached out to me via Facebook. We eventually decided to record a single together, which from it's initial success led us to record an entire EP, and eventually led me to working with his son Paul Jr, and Daughter/DJ Maxine as well. It was a honor for me to work with such a jazz luminary, and the exchange of recording sessions via the web made the process really fun and interesting. Our release is called "Transcontinental"(Label/RYTONE)

Where/how do you hear about new music?

iTunes Charts, Beatport Charts, YouTube and Pandora radio.

What 5 albums would you say are a must listen to for everyone and why?

1.Bob Marley "Legend"

Reggae is POWERFUL music-musically sometimes seemingly simple, but very deep music. The emphasis on the pocket and groove of this music, generally goes without real appreciation from musicians. Understanding how to say "more" with less, is hugely beneficial to any songwriter, producer, or instrumentalist.

2. Porter Robinson - Spitfire

This young EDM producer/Artist is one of THE most talented music producers I've heard in a LONG time. It's important that those of us who are older, plug into the music being created by the next gen of music producers in order to stay relevant. The detail, and talent this young producer puts into his music, is very impressive, and represents the future of electronic music.

3. BT - This Binary Universe

A modern musical masterpiece. Complex, beautiful, pushing the boundaries of experimental music. Very creative with the use of noise, FX, and hybrids of acoustic instruments and programming.

4. Pat Metheny - Road to You (Live)

Beautiful expression of complex music, which is also very accessible. Pat has been able to create such an identifiable "voice" with his instrument, all within being mostly instrumental music.

5. U2 - The Joshua Tree.

Obviously a classic, but the spirit in this music is so heartfelt and timeless. Simply a master piece. A continual source of inspiration to me that never gets tired.

Growing up, which artists inspired you the most?

Pat Metheny, Seal, BT, Rush, Sting, Paul Van Dyk, Atb.

What advice would you give to a young artist just starting out in the music business?

Make sure to invest the time into understanding the basic elements of the business. Copyrights, Master, Publishing, Licensing. Also, realize that the industry is not the same business model as years ago. Work hard to make the very best recordings you can, A and B them beside the Artists and/or producers you aspire to be recognized along with. Work hard until your music and sound, is as professional as it possibly can be. An undeniable "hit" record or "sound" is undeniable. Be original, and try to find what YOU can offer to the music world. Know your audience, define your brand and tone in your music. Whatever genre you aspire to be recognized in, work hard until your music and the quality of your recordings matches those.

How are emerging technologies changing the music industry in general and specifically your field?

I work primarily in Electronic Music. In just the past few years, the sound quality of the Virtual instruments has in many cases, surpassed the hardware synths, instruments etc. Especially when you factor in all of the automation possibilities in the programming within your Software/Sequencer/DAW. My studio has gone from a large room of instruments, Compressors, and other "stuff" to now only a few special select pieces of hardware, and a ton of Virtual instruments.

How did you learn about The Recording Academy and why did you join?

A friend of mine with Capitol Records suggested that I become a voting member since I had the credentials.
- The Recording Academy


Life in Stereo 12/04/12
Main Room Architecture EP 9/12/12
Upon A Dream 8/16/11
Legacy (Greatest Hits 2000-2010) 5/31/11
Opus 10/05/10
Bloom 3/30/10
Movement In Light 4/06/09
Wonderfall 6/05/08
Everlasting 8/08/06
From The Sky 6/21/05
Beautiful 4/20/04
Selected Works 2002



Ryan Farish is an American Electronic Artist, Producer, Grammy nominated songwriter, and DJ. Ryan Farish first launched his music career on the first generation MP3.com (2000). It was at this site where he received more than 1.8 million downloads of his Electronic music, and then earned the title "Download King" from L.A.-based music industry magazine, Music Connection. In 2008, he garnered a Grammy nomination as well as a Dove Award as a hit songwriter. Farish's music has been featured on every major television network and major motion picture houses. Additionally, Ryan recently branded one of the world’s most established and elegant brands, Audi in the Remarkable Audi series, a video series which Farish also stars in as well as a video with Bang & Olufsen featured in B+O stores worldwide. Companies like The Weather Channel, Audi, Bang & Olufsen (Denmark), Chevrolet (Israel), Rak Bank (Dubai) and Sony pictures have all used Farish’s trademark sound to reach their markets.

Ryan's EDM music is currently supported by some of the most influential taste makers in EDM. Support from Sirius/XM BPM and Electric Area, as well as numerous DJs around the world, such as tyDi (Top DJ 100 list) all support Ryan's EDM music.

In 2012 Ryan introduced his MRA (Main Room Architecture) series, which focused and highlighted Ryan's music in the Trance and Progressive styles of EDM.

Ryan Farish's song, "Pacific Wind," was featured in a popular YouTube video, entitled "Remember Me," created by a 15-year-old high school student named Lizzie Palmer. The video, a sentimental montage of soldiers in the Iraq War, was ranked as the 48th most watched YouTube video of all time as of April 26, 2008. As of January 2013, it has received more than 31 million views. Palmer and Farish gained renown from the prominence of the video; the former was interviewed on news networks including CNN.
Another popular and best-selling song of Ryan’s, is "Full Sail" from his Beautiful album. It has garnered more than 20 million YouTube views in a single video titled "THE MOST RELAXING MUSIC IMAGINABLE" which serves as an anchor in Ryan's expansive catalogue of music.

To date, more than 5,000 fan contributed videos featuring Ryan Farish’s music, have reached beyond 60 million views on YouTube.com as of January 2013.