Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls

Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls strive above all else to create musical ideas & sounds that have never been combined in quite the same way before. Fusing vintage jazz-influenced rock with the energy of today's indie, these youngsters are having no problems paving a way in uncharted musical territory


Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls are an indie rock band originating from Wausau, Wisconsin. They are currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group consists of Ryan Flannery on keys and vocals, John Burgess on drums, and Tom Kallio on guitar. After several years as a solo act, in the fall of 2008, Ryan joined forces with additional musicians to create an energetic sound that still incorporated jazz-based influences. John has been adding his vigorously precise drumming methods since the group’s beginnings, and Tom has been contributing his silky smooth, blues-kissed guitar technique since March 2010.

After just over six months as a band, Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls had already garnered a faithful local fan base, and had also won the 2009 Wisconsin Valley Fair Battle of the Bands. The band continued to progressively move forward, releasing their long-awaited debut EP in February 2010. Combining the lively resonances of modern indie rock with the jazzy, vintage sounds of 70s pop-rock, the self-titled EP is sure to give listeners something that they can truly find musically unique and original.

In addition to the band’s current live instrumentation of piano/vocals, drums, and guitar, the six-track EP includes bass, keys, cello, saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet, and additional vocalists, all orchestrated by Flannery.



Written By: Flannery

I am possessed by a cool liquid demon
I cannot believe I'm reaching out my hand to wake her
Tables and chairs making sounds like none other
I cannot believe I'm willing to give all that I have to offer

Oh, she's in my sights
Through a crowded maze
It's not stars that blind me tonight

Gotta make myself stop

Conflicting views from the guys on my shoulders
Gotta get away from mirrors that show the look on my face
Now's not the time, but I'm just growing older
Soon to realize I'd be in between a rock and a tight place

Driving feels so right
Down the empty streets
The Twin Cities never looked so bright

Gotta make myself stop


"Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls" (EP) - released March 2010

Set List

"The J Chord" (from EP)
"Midnight Run" (from EP)
"Stop" (from EP)
"Black Palms" (from EP)
"Look What the Cat Dragged In" (from EP)
"A Whim and a Prayer" (from EP)
"Bennie and the Jets" --- Elton John
"Something" --- The Beatles
"Before I Sleep"
"Baddest Behavior"
"Top Shelf"
"Off the Hook Woman"
"Wily Ways"
"Fair Fight"
"Meat on the Bones"