Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox

 Long Beach, New York, USA
BandRockClassic Rock


Ryan Fox




Bio: Ryan Fox has been playing guitar, singing, and writing music for 15 years. He has headlined many bands whose styles ranged from ska, punk, jazz, pop, jam-band, and rock. He left his most recent venture, the Manhattan-based “BlueDog”, to pursue gigging the Long Island bar scene, focusing on melodic and crowd pleasing cover songs rather than original tunes.

Whether playing solo or with percussionist friend Robert Borland, Ryan Fox will bring a variety of styles to the venue. Most importantly, Ryan is great at “reading the audience” and can switch up style at a moment’s notice. From boisterous sing-a-longs to background music, he calls on his extensive list of material and talented guitar work to match any mood.

What’s the difference between Ryan Fox and any other guitarist/singer?

The first thing you’ll notice is the way he makes each song “his own”. You won’t catch Ryan Fox reading chords straight from a book to try to mimic a song. Every note, lyric, and inflection is hardwired to his memory which enables him to focus on other details rather than keeping up with a book. A popular country song may spontaneously go reggae or a punk song may go acoustic, and no two versions will ever be quite the same.

Second is the guitar work. His fluid, melodic style and ease of playing will impress any audience. His style, tone, and even which guitar he plays is a direct reflection of his mood which is in turn tied closely to the crowd and venue.

Third, you’ll notice a voice that ranges from plain-spoken soft vocals, to growling deep tones that bring to mind such players as Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jimi Hendrix.

And finally is his professionalism. You won’t have to worry about Ryan showing up late or ever sounding like an amateur. 15 years of dealing with club owners and managers has given him the ability to understand their needs and a deep respect is held for the staff of the venue in question.


Antoine Dodson
Bed Intruder Song

Allman Brothers Band
Ramblin’ Man
One Way Out

The Band
Up on Cripple Creek
The Weight

The Beatles

I’ve just seen a face
Get Back

While my Guitar Gently Weeps

Hey Jude

Blind Melon
No Rain

Mariachi Man

Bob Dylan
Like a Rolling Stone
The times are a’ Changing
Ballad of Hollis Brown

All Along the Watchtower -> Stairway to Heaven

Quinn the Eskimo

Bob Marley
No Woman No Cry
Redemption Songs

Bad Moon Rising

Chuck Berry
Johnny B. Goode

David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust

Dire Straits
Sultans of Swing

Don McLean
American Pie

The Grateful Dead
Friend of the Devil
Hard to Handle

Greg Graffin
Talk About Suffering
Home Movies
Duanes’ Guitar Solo

Green Day
Basket Case

Jack Johnson
Bubble Toes

Jeff Buckley

John Denver
Country Roads

Johnny Cash
Folsom Prison Blues

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Ring of Fire

Lynard Skynard
Free Bird
Sweet Home Alabama

Miles Davis
Kinda Blue

Neutral Milk Hotel
King of Carrot

In the Aeroplane over the Sea

Together on the Sand

Radical Fox

No Use for a Name
Feels Like Home

Paul Simon
Call me Al
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Pearl Jam
Yellow Ledbetter

The Penguins
Earth Angel

Lawn Boy
The Horse
Back on the Train
Wolfman’s Brother
Train Song
Wading in the Velvet Sea
Somewhere over the

Pink Floyd

Purple Rain
Raspberry Beret

It’s the End of the World as we know it

Ryan Fox
Happy Birthday Meghan

Julie, Waiting by the Phone, Booth
Good Things
I’ve had my Fun
Sorta Blue
Carrie Me

The Specials
A Message to you Rudy

Stealers Wheel
Stuck in the Middle with You

Steve Earle
Galway Girl

What I got
54-46/Ball and Chain
Pool Shark

Velvet Underground
Pale Blue Eyes

My Name is Jonas
Say it ain’t so

Forget the Flowers
The Late Greats