Ryan Frisinger

Ryan Frisinger


Powerfully haunting vocals with beautiful melodies backed by sweet acoustic sounds and the power of a full band.


These days, Ryan Frisinger is keeping himself busy. With the release of his new album,
Two Lovers, he spends his nights playing shows in support of the new material
throughout the tri-state music scene, and his days leading worship services at a local
church in Northeast Indiana. Performing in various Midwestern venues since the age of
16, Frisinger has decided to go back to his roots with the acoustic, more “folksy” brand of
music for the new release. Recorded at the famed Gaither Studios in Alexandria, Indiana,
and co-produced by Ben Westfall, the ten new tracks of Two Lovers tend towards a new
direction, miles from the alternative-pop vibe of his full band debut release Bledsoe’s
Things You Need To Know. “Two Lovers is more of a story, a spiritual journey," says
Frisinger of his latest effort. "It's really a correspondence - ten letters from ten different
places in the soul - a love dialogue between the Maker and his most precious creation," he
adds. Besides continually providing honest music to his listeners, Frisinger has also
started a non-profit organization this past year known as "Project Gabriel." He and a
church body in the Western United States have partnered together to provide his music, as
well as other spiritual publications, to the military service men and women overseas
during the holiday season. So, look for the new release to not only fill the coffeehouses
and airwaves of college radio stations throughout the Midwest, but also to touch some
hearts and lives around the world. Frisinger says it best when he explains the purpose of
Two Lovers - "These ten songs are personal letters to my Lover. I hope when people listen
though, they'll be able to offer these songs as their own letters and begin to receive their
own answers. This isn't my album, my name's on it...but Who it's to is much more
important than who it's from."



Written By: Ryan Frisinger

I couldn't start the day off right without You, I sat to think about my life, it's then i realized, I love You more each day, and there's little I can say, there's little I can do, but I can be Yours, be Yours, be only Yours, I couldn't move, couldn't breathe without You, when all I wanted was to sit and think about my life, it's then I realize I love You

This Year

Written By: Ryan Frisinger

I'm finding that I can still agree with the boy in the mirror and I'm finding that time is all I need, I swore I had all of You, and all I wanna do is make it up to You just like those days we talked about it all, and all I wanna do is take a little time a day or two to hear what went wrong this year, I'm finding that I am still unsure and I'm walking home, fighting the lonesome insecurities, I thought You needed me more


Written By: Ryan Frisinger

Come when I sing, I'm more than a sinner You see, I'm the very hand that nailed You down, Come when I sing, You're more than a lover to me, You're the very One that died to be here with me, We sing hallelujah to all of You and we sing for You


Things You Need To Know (2003)
Two Lovers (2005)

(listen to clips on ryanfrisinger.com or myspace.com/ryanfrisinger)

Set List

Set List 11/05/05 Mad Anthony Tap Room

1. Sinner (original)
2. Yours (original)
3. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (cover)
3. Aberdeen (original)
4. This Year (original)
5. Day I Found You (original)
6. Breakfast at Tiffany's (cover)
7. Honeymoon Stage (original)
8. When Harry Met Sally (original)
9. The Professor and I (original)
10. Sing 2 Win (original)
11. Dear Love (original)
12. Fireworks (original)
13. Circle (original)
14. Sugar, We're Goin' Down (cover)
15. 100 (original)
16. I Want (original)
17. Outlaw (original)