Ryan Giles

Ryan Giles


From grunge driven guitar tones to to spooky harmonica waves,
Ryan Giles has a refreshing new spin on southern rock/folk, while never straying to far from his roots music background.
Songs relevant to the common man, demanding answers, declaring his love and daring to be honest.


After Completion of new album " Ivanhoe Express" january 2011,
Ryan has been busy touring the east coast of Australia from Cairns to Kosciusko, playing all sorts of shows from Festivals and street performing to bars and beach parties.

If you have been lucky enough to catch Ryan Giles at one of his shows, you may have thought," big voice" or "neat sounding trio",
only to look on stage and see a 5 ft nothing kid, working his guitar, keeping freakishly tight rhythm with his feet, while belting out everything on his mind, hardly stopping for breath before tearing it up on his hohner blues harp.

Ryan has been writing and performing music since he was 15, playing in all sorts of lineups over the years, but always keeping busy with his own projects behind the scenes.

Living in rural Queensland for most of his adolescent life made it hard at times to find others as passionate or driven to work with for any extended period of time, leading Ryan to become somewhat of a multi-tasker, honing his skills of guitar, vocals and percussion into a full sounding act on his own.

Moving away from simply strumming the acoustic,Ryan discovered ways to create rhythms through fingerpicking techniques and unusual strumming patterns.

Now back behind the drawing board for album number 3, Ryan is taking his acoustic folky/blues brews to new levels with the introduction of keys, bass and percussion to his already impressive one man show striving to push his personal limits calling on his band only to join him rather than prop him up.

From country blues or reggae to spine tingling acoustic soul, Ryan's music has taken on a life of its own as he vows never to pigeonhole himself into the one genre.
At 27 years of age with two self funded albums to his credit and finding a group of talented friends who have finally completed the lineup for his band, Ryan's ever-growing fan base are left wondering what is to be expected on the next album?


Ryan Giles- (E.P) The Daily Harp 2006
Ryan Giles- (Album) Ivanhoe Express 2011