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"MySpace Expands Singer/Songwriter Ryan Hamner's Fan Base"

COLUMBUS, Ga., Apr. xx, 2006 - Finally, something good is happening on MySpace.comR: MySpace Music, the online community's area for showcasing
musical artists and groups, is helping to create a nationwide fan base for 29-year-old singer/songwriter Ryan Hamner

Hamner, who has been playing his original music and covers of his
favorite artists' songs all around the South for twelve years, has just
released an eight-song demo CD titled "One Small Giant." Four of the
album's tracks are featured on his MySpace page,
http://www.myspace.com/ryanhamnermusic, giving visitors a taste of Hamner's smooth fusion of rock, alternative folk and blues.

So far, listeners love what they hear. Hamner's song "Lay Me Down" became one of the top ten songs of the past 30 days--as well as the number one listener pick--on ListenerStation.com less than two weeks after its debut on the site. Fans flocked to his MySpace page to get "One Small Giant" in Hamner's recent giveaway, snapping up all the free
copies of the CD in just a week. And "Lay Me Down" is currently
featured on Local MusiCafe at mvyradio.com, one of the top 15 most streamed Internet radio stations in the world.

Not bad for a guy who recorded his demo CD at home. But then, Hamner is accustomed to beating the odds: A four-time Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor, he wrote and illustrated "You'll Be All Right, Buddy," an educational storybook for children with cancer, while recovering from a bone marrow
transplant in 2000. Hamner now travels the U.S., promoting "You'll Be All Right, Buddy," raising money for charities and talking to young
cancer patients and their families.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ga., Hamner counts Neil Young, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Elton John, John Mayer and numerous others among his musical influences. Along with his own original material, Hamner regularly covers legends from Johnny Cash to Bob Marley at his
performances. Audiences can't seem to get enough: "We are overdue for a dose of Hamner medicine," wrote one MySpace visitor from Georgia.

Those who want to hear Hamner live can drop by Picasso's in Columbus, Ga., on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.; he plays at Loco's in Columbus on Fridays from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Hamner is also slated to perform at Rooster's in Auburn, Ala., on May 25th. To listen to Hamner's music online, visit http://www.ryanhamner.com.


Ryan Hamner

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Ryan has just finished up a 6-song EP with producer Jeff Tomei (Edwin McCain, Matchbox Twenty) and Mighty Loud Records. The EP features the song, "Lay Me Down" which was number one on several internet radio stations and will be Ryan’s first single to hit radio. Ryan’s song, Everything You Need, was recently licensed by MTV Productions for use in several TV shows on MTV, Lifetime and Oxygen. Expect to hear more of Ryan on the radio and elsewhere this summer!



Confident, seductive crooner. Witty pop songsmith. Introspective folk troubadour. Those are just a few of the many looks that Columbus, GA-based workaholic Ryan Hamner offers on his self-titled debut EP, due soon on Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree’s burgeoning Mighty Loud label.

Hamner’s versatility is the product of a life full of professional and personal highs and lows. The young perfectionist left a comfortable but unfulfilling IT gig to pursue his rock ‘n’ roll dreams full time, and is just now starting to enjoy the fruits of his labor, crafting a wealth of heartfelt, largely acoustic pop originals. He’s also a lifelong Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor who shrugs off the obvious obstacles, going so far as to channel one down period into an inspirational children’s book, You’ll Be All Right, Buddy. It all comes together on wax, where he molds his vast array of experiences and influences—including, but not limited to John Mayer, Edwin McCain and Neil Young—into a fresh new persona all his own.

Hamner got his start much like any other hungry, modern singer-songwriter, developing an identity on MySpace and going so far as to offer a limited-edition free run of 2006 predecessor One Small Giant. “I did a lot of crazy, weird stuff, a lot of different giveaways,” he remembers. “It was really corny, but it helped spread the word. One of those songs on one of these internet radio stations, without me telling anybody to go vote or listen, it made it to the top 10. And it’s gonna be the single on this EP.”

That single, “Lay Me Down” is a perfect representation of Hamner’s considered solo work, abundant with melody, hooks and accessibility. Lushly layered guitars and whistles complement Hamner’s aching, earnest chorus, “lay me down at the water, I’ll give it all to the sea / you alone are my cover, so lay me down and I’ll be free.” And like every other song he writes, it’s the product of incredible care and hard work. After early recording sessions in Nashville, Hamner teamed up with modern rock production heavy Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Matchbox Twenty), tweaked percussion and vocals, rocked out with session bass and drums, and re-cut “Lay Me Down” from scratch. “I beat myself up about songs all the time,” Hamner shrugs, opining that the difference between his self-released work and the EP material is that “I just learned how to write. I’m always writing; I’m always listening to people that know how to do it.”

His studies have paid off in spades. The somber “So Soon” is ambiguous enough to function as the elegy of a relationship or a family member. “That was the first real song I ever really wrote, after my grandfather died,” Hamner reveals. “When I was six I didn’t go to school a lot, so I stayed with him and my grandmother. They would take care of me, take me fishing. When he died, it killed me.”

Anything inspires Hamner these days, from the long-distance ex who pops up in both “Waiting on You” and “All I Need” (“She’ll probably want 50 percent of my publishing,” he quips) to the MySpace hater who claimed that he only writes love songs. Hamner promptly crafted a spirited defense; he says it probably won’t be recorded or released, but still… “Like I do with everything, I’m gonna work as hard at this as I possibly can and take it as far as I possibly can,” Hamner concludes. “I wanna take it to the next level.”