Ryan Helman

Ryan Helman

 Harrow, England, GBR

British artist with strong Canadian connections
I am a songwriter. I have written and recorded over 100 songs.
I have another 100 to record over the next 3 years.

My passion is to write songs, and one day write for a successful artist


Ryans music has a strong influence from Squeeze, The Beatles and Thin Lizzy.
The music is driven by very hooky songs with strong bass lines and harmony guitars.
Vocals have been described as Beach Boys/The Four Seasons meets Chas n Dave.


Another Heartbeat

Written By: Helman/Yallop

My minds made up, the message read, the wardrobe stairs its empty.
You had your say last night ok, the rest is boringt history.
The phone looks on and speaks to me, and asks me for my diary.
The smell subsides and im alive, the mirror smiles it likes me.
Another Heatbeat (heartbeat babe) x 4
Verse 2
You get back in that image thing, my mother thinks im crazy.
you get dressed and loose yourself. I didnt cry it hurt me
Chorus repeat

Gem and Candice Dot Com

Written By: Ryan Helman

Verse 1
I can hear, little voice inside my head
Gets louder every day, my heart beat slow im feeling pain and thinking what to say
My thoughts of you lets make them pay
Dont change your mind, dont blame the human kind

Gem and Candice Dot Com x 3
I love you x 4

Verse 2
you are to me, a symphony of melodies
Elegance and fun, harmonies and lots of charm
For you its really fun, I do the work your in the sun
Am I dreaming, Oh Lady G please talk to me,

Gem and Candice Dot Com x 3
I love you x 4

Verse 3
Lets take a walk, the park is good to open up
Changing every day, cut my hair and wash my head
I am not your god, i am not your teachers pet
Always play the fool, dont mess around your Dad is cool

Gem and Candice Dot Com x 3
I love you x 4


The audio tracks attached form his new album 'Strictly Business'.
The next single he is likely to release is Another Heartbeat. Already shortlisted by Radio Six for Record Of The Year 2009, and No 1 for 2 weeks on www.isound.com charts.

Set List

Ryan is currently working on his third solo album 'Great Things', but is currently unsigned and is looking to secure an album and singles deal to force his way into the top 20.