Ryan Hernandez

Ryan Hernandez


Ryan Hernandez is a self taught musician based out of Sacramento who plays covers for local clubs, bars, wineries, private events,etc. He plays guitar, piano, and he sings styles under the catergories of soul, acoustic, alternative. Ryan was recently voted the next biggest thing to come out of Sac.


Ryan (age 25) started playing music at the age of 13. At that time he was attending a Performing Arts Charter School which focused on young teenagers who had a passion for art, dance, music, drama, etc. This is where his interest for music began. Drums was the first instrument that he started playing and in his late teens he started booking/promoting his self by simply walking into venues and handing out demo's to restaurant/bar/club managers hoping for the best. To his surprise, he was able to catch the attention of some very well known venues such as Sacramento Magazine, Buzz Oates and co. and The Maloofs. Years later he found his self performing weekly at well known high end establishments making a living as well as a name for his self in the busier Sacramento area playing covers ranging from old R&B classics 70's 80's to contemporary pop,alternative, rock, etc.

What sets Ryan a part from most solo artists is his soulful and passionate vocal style. He tries his best not to sound like the original artist, however musically the songs are flawless in the sense that he stays true to the song. The fact is, there are thousands of cover bands and solo artists who can imitate someone's sound but when Ryan plays, he will stay in the original key of the song so that there is no butchering chords and no transposing. The biggest element of his live shows is the multi instrumentation which consists of live looping and creating the effect of multiple performers. Some songs it will be just him playing an instrument and singing, then he'll just play enough on one string so that the vocals can be showcased, and the next minute there will be layers of drums created by hitting a certain area of his guitar, followed by bass sounds and vocals being delayed. Ryan is the real deal and caters to any and every crowd, he is a true one man band.

You can also check Ryan Hernandez out on Youtube.com

Ryan has performed at Sacramento Venues such as:

Marilyn's K Street
Torch Club
Blue Lamp
Old Ironsides
Fox and Goose
Bistro 33 (All locations)
Scarlet's Saloon
Bella Bru
Powerhouse Pub
Bridges on the River
Austin's Steakhouse
Fall's Bar (Thundervalley Casino)
Sacramento Convention Center
Memorial Auditorium
Arco Arena (King's Games)
The Hyatt Regency

Ryan also performs Private and Corporate events


The music that is played are mainly songs originally written by other artists and songwriters so there is nothing released his name. The only music that is streaming right now is available at www.myspace.com/ryanhernandezmusic
also check Ryan Hernandez on youtube.com

Set List

My repertoire consists of 500 songs + (4 hours worth of material). Most by requests. The following are bands in which I cover at least 3-4 songs each:

The Eagles
Johnny Cash
Marvin Gaye
Smokey Robinson
Sam Cooke
Jeff Buckley
The Police
John Mayer
The Fray
Counting Crows
Amos Lee
David Gray
Jason Mraz
Damien Rice
Ray Lamontagne
Rodrigo y Gabriella
Howie Day
Jack Johnson
Kings of Leon
The Beatles
Gavin Degraw
Matchbox Twenty
Norah Jones
The Bee Gees

Anything Upon Request (also Original songs available)