Ryan Houck

Ryan Houck

 Concord, California, USA

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Nothing to say here. I write and play music. I have a shit ton to do.

I've started a blog


Besides that, I try to chant WRITE A SONG TODAY. It works somedays more than others.


I Is Loving You

Written By: Ryan Houck

I is lovin’ you
I is lovin’ you
I is lovin’ you

You know when we met
I thought that we’d be
Just good friends but never
That you’d be with me
But then ‘We’ happened
Yer my friend, you are my lover
Curl up next to you everyday, say

I is lovin’ you
I is lovin’ you
I is lovin’ you

In the morning and afternoon I is lovin’ you
And in the nighttime-- you sleepin’ like an angel
Until the break of day lovin’ you
It’s not hard to do

There’s grace in your step
And swing on your hips
How my heart leapt when I’s kissin’
Your coconut lips
I never thought I’d feel this
It be so long I been reachin’
In my dreams with you to wake up this way, say

I is lovin’ you
I is lovin’ you
I is lovin’ you

In the morning and afternoon I is lovin’ you
And in the nighttime-- in a blanket like a burrito
Until the break of day lovin’ you
You know cuz I want to
We’ll grow into our love
It's better than breathing
Comingle our souls
Two now is one
I is loving you

Black hole

Written By: Ryan Houck

A cold pale-blue empty room
No door or window
I stand alone, my mother remains as a blur
There is no sound
No such thing as sound

In life as a child
Now sit down
Cut out a fake or live image
The black and stars are all that existed

Look I’m an actor in the play of someone’s dream
My mobile home and road the stage
A monitored mind
Don’t get communication
What lives in words that we can hear

Here and perceiving a picture on paper set fire by the sun
Or shred and torn by and by the
Larger hand and rid of
Rid of

Pull me like the black hole pulls the planet

Queen Nana

Written By: Ryan Houck

Let me tell you now
You mean so much to me
I know I have told you before
I love you

You’re the Queen Nana
The family matriarch
Never ceasing to laugh
And strong in good spirit

Someone to be myself with
Who is glad to stay and talk

Stay awhile
Listen to me sing to you
Thankful for you

You have been in my life
You were there from the start
And I carry you in my heart

You’re the Queen Nana

May She Comes

Written By: Ryan Houck

Give me a sliced orange on the back of a mandolin and I’ll show you teeth stained of bad air
I would have emptied the ash in my tray if a billboard mentioned you around the corner

Pour me a glass of cobalt with an auburn umbrella and I’ll paint you in finger oils
My disposition is to cloud as rain is to land
Maybe go to church if I knew you’d be there

Send me a gift wrapped in chrysanthemum and sash and I’ll make you new knee-high boots
I see your stride is waxing me to move
My eyes said more than my voice may ever say

There is a high rising crane
tearing up the mundane
And a para sailing man
telling me to stay the same
And there are wheels on my shoes
I’m tripping over taller streets
As thoughts come for when we’ll meet, I order one, "please make it neat"
Imagination writes the news,
but for to side with and amuse

Don't Take Long

Written By: Ryan Houck

If you need someone to connect to
Who will always be there for you
I’ll go out on a limb
Well, I could be him

Back at the airport
For the lips I should have kissed
You know I barely missed

With you it don’t take long to know
Where I belong
Does it show
So it goes in subtle code
I have a need—maybe it’s greed

For me you keep locked
Inside of your eyes
My soul and dreams in disguise

I’ll ask you, don’t take long to say
If I were wrong
Cuz I can stray
Lay your cards, we’re showing hearts
Out on the table if you are able

Let’s put aside any sorrow
I’ll be on a plane tomorrow


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