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Ryan Hyde

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"New Music Now Spotlight: Ryan Hyde"

Singer/Songwriter Ryan Hyde maybe only seventeen years old but don’t let his age fool you. Ryan is a powerhouse performer who knows how to entertain his fans. The Mukilteo, Washington teen started off playing guitar/singing for the infamous ska/punk band, The Fast Cash Fakes.

We recently had the pleasure to review Ryan’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit) on our favorite music resource/submission site, Sonicbids.com. After reviewing the EPK, I was instantly hooked. Here is the fantastic spotlight on one of the most talented young men I have had a pleasure to interview.

Isaac-Joseph: Ryan, Happy New Years! I am thankful that we are getting this opportunity to interview you in our magazine.

Ryan: Happy New Year to you too. I'm really psyched I get to be interviewed in your magazine.

Isaac-Joseph: We are excited to have you too!

Isaac-Joseph: How did you first become interesting in doing music when you were growing up?

Ryan: You know; I'm really not sure. There's no musical background with my parents or siblings, but I would hear certain bands play songs and just feel inspired; I can't exactly describe it. I knew I wanted to do what they were doing; I wanted to inspire people too.

Isaac-Joseph: You were a member of the band, The Fast Cash Fakes. What lessons did you learned from your time with the band that you have incorporated in your own music as a solo artist?

Ryan: The live show is basically everything. You can have this really nice recording (even though mine are pretty ghetto currently), but if you don't get people excited at your concerts, nobody will want to buy it. That, and the fact that people want to see the real you. Too many times, we played with bands that had routines and gimmicks to get fans, but the people saw right through them. Then we would go on stage, throw ourselves around and tell really lame jokes like we always did, and people seemed to like us. If you aren't into the music you're playing, nobody will be.

Isaac-Joseph: You decided to expand your musical background to acoustic guitar. What made you decided to change your style of music?

Ryan: Well, I started on an acoustic guitar; this little $50 Hohner my grandpa got me one year for Christmas. I always wrote acoustic tunes and liked a lot of acoustic music, but never worried about performing any of it because I always had the band with my two best friends. Then Trevor Coutts, our drummer, left the band in what was kind of a mutual agreement thing, so nothing really happened after that. I said to myself, "Well, I can give up, or I can finally play the acoustic tunes I've been writing." So here I am.

Isaac-Joseph: What has been the most rewarding aspect of making music for you as an entertainer professionally?

Ryan: I played a show last year at the KTUB (Kirkland Teen Utility Building). I closed my set with the song, "The Weight." After I got offstage, this guy who was sitting right next to the stage came up and asked for a demo. Then, as he walked away, he shook my hand and said, "I've never met a person for the first time before and felt like I completely relate to them. Thanks, dude." I was stunned. If I can have that effect on people, I want to continue to do it, because that's what I felt from music that made me so eager to play it. You feel happy or depressed or whatever, and then you hear a song that perfectly matches those feelings and those thoughts, and you feel complete; like you're not alone.

Isaac-Joseph: Describe the creative process you go through to make your music:

Ryan: It's kind of different a lot of the time, but it generally works one of two ways that everyone has heard before: both the lyrics come first, and then the music or the music comes first, then the lyrics. Sometimes I'll have what I think is a good idea for a song as far as lyrics go, so I write down a rhyme or two on paper, or just some random thoughts I have as far as the topic of the song. Then I'll look at the words and try to find a meter in them, then mess with chords in that rhythm until I hear something that makes sense with what the words are saying. If the music comes first, I first think of what kind of feeling the music emotes, then I'll rack my brain to find a song topic that matches those feelings. It's all about feelings, really.

Isaac-Joseph: If you had an opportunity to collaborate with one person or group in the music business, who would it by and why?

Ryan: Definitely Mike Herrera or MxPx. They've been one of my favorite bands since I was twelve, and their music never gets old. Mike sings about all different types of things too, and writes the songs for the band. From politics to girls to being inspired by a band, he pretty much covers all the things I think and feel at least to this point in my life. That, and he does both acoustic music and punk rock, so I could learn from him whether I was still doing the solo thing or if I started another punk band.

Isaac-Joseph: What are you looking most forward to in 2008 musically?

Ryan: I'm taking a music theory course at my school, and my goal by the end of the year is to be able to write whatever I hear in my head or out loud on manuscript paper; like writing real music. I'm getting there already, and to be able to write exactly what I think and feel will be the ultimate goal for me as a musician.

Isaac-Joseph: In your opinion, what has been the biggest success for Ryan Hyde in 2007?

Ryan: Just starting up again. After the band broke up a year and a half ago, I did basically nothing as far as my own music went. The fact that I am even playing shows again and doing my thing makes me happier than ever.

Isaac-Joseph: This is our Shout Out Time. Give props to anyone and everyone that matters the most to you.

Ryan: Oh man, I always hate these things because I always forget somebody. My family, obviously, for putting up with me for this long. My friends: Willy, David, Casey, Matt, Dustin, Shane, the Barbershop Boys of Doce Dolce, Sammie, Hillary, my coworkers at the Papa (I make pizza), and everybody else I didn't name because it would be a LONG list. My mentors: Ms. Duck, Mr. Steves, Mr. McKinlay, Josh Heying, and Jon Melby. Anybody else I didn't name just now, you know you're on my mind and in my heart. Thanks guys.

Isaac-Joseph: Shameless Plugs: Reveal any new releases, tour dates, new press releases (other than us), or anything that you would like for us to know...

Ryan: Playing Studio 7 in Seattle on January 23rd. Hit me up at http://www.myspace.com/ryanhydeacoustic for tickets. I'm recording some new tracks that should be available in the next month or so. Keep checking the MySpace for information on that. I'm also in consideration for Bumbershoot this year, so keep your eyes peeled. Oh, and I have a video on the website http://www.famecast.com in the Singer/Songwriter contest, so everybody should go there and vote for my video. Check out my MySpace site for any other updates at any time.

Isaac-Joseph: Leave us with your final thoughts:

Ryan: "I won't waste my time fitting in, 'Cause I don't think contrast is a sin" -Millencolin, the song "No Cigar"
- Juniorscave.com

"Gong Show 2007"

"Junior, Ryan Hyde is a heart throb singing his winning song!" - Claire Jordan


1)The Fast Cash Fakes- Live at the LAB 9/9/05
songs of popularity: 1.Close-Minded- played on 107.7 The End's "The Young and the Restless"
2.Everything I Know- most played song on purevolume and myspace accounts

2)Ryan Hyde-Demo
songs of popularity: 1.Always Hold On- most played song on myspace account.
2.Be My Cure- song was played between sets at the club The Kaz-Ba in Edmonds, WA.

3) Ryan Hyde- Demo (On iTunes)
songs of popularity: 1. Spit Them Out- Youtube video performing it
2. The Weight- placed 11th in online video contest on famecast.com



After his old band, The Fast Cash Fakes, broke up following an interview and playing of their song "Close-Minded" on 107.7’s “The Young and the Restless,” Ryan Hyde came out and decided to pick up his acoustic guitar to keep the show going. After recording a demo himself of low quality in his basement in 2007, Ryan began playing shows around the Seattle area at clubs like the Skylark Café, KTUB, and the Vera Project. He even made a video for the website famecast.com, entering a contest for the Singer/Songwriter stage, and placed 11th out of 560+ people that applied for the contest to win $10,000. Not bad for a seventeen year-old kid from the ‘burbs.

After a few years off, Ryan kept playing and writing, moving out of his home in Mukilteo and into the college community at the University of Washington to study Music Education. There, he learned a lot about his voice, harmonies, and melodies, and continued to improve his music to focus on its message. He recorded four songs with Steve Kaetzel, a popular name in dance music, and put them on iTunes in August of 2010. Shortly afterward, Ryan was asked to open for folk/punk guru Frank Turner, and has recently been playing many shows in the Seattle area. Soon to open for Fat Wreck Chords’ The Flatliners and with gigs in the works to open for Mike Herrera from MXPX and Tomas Kalnoky from Streetlight Manifesto, it seems the ball is just beginning to roll for this up and coming Seattle artist.