Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson


A sound that is easy-listening with some more depth when you dig deeper.


I am a musician who writes his own songs.


Sweet Noelle

Written By: Ryan Jackson

Verse 1
When her shoes showed, where you would go
With the feel, you flowed
Her recipe was so simple
She went on and on in phenomenon

While her wishful thinkers vomit
As the homeless sing along a sonnet
They drink of ways to drown in plays
Back to time’s twilight of twain

As it was asked: Lead or bail, succeed or fail, what's your choice?
Sometimes life don't hear your voice
So quit talkin' and barkin'
Start walkin', do your own thang

Some baked the dough, made the dough with a cutter,
Others ate the dough quick stuck in the gutter,
Down the drain
They went down the drain--will you be the same?

Will you be the same when success don't come your way, today
Baby hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles but as long as you:

Do your thang. Do your thang. Whenever you do what you gotta do
You’ll be living your way . . . when you do your thang . . . would you do your thang?

Verse 2
A whole mosquito is lookin’ for me so
I keep low my steelo, heat incognito
But don’t think I don’t see what you’re aimin’ to shoot for;
You can’t pull it, y’already sweatin’ bullets

And it shows. And it spills.
Without embankments on the hills,
Those thoughts are seen as native
As calendar pages are painted

There is no carpet. There are no faucets.
He says he’s drinking wine on Persian rugs
Unknowingly remarking as omniscient fellas
See it with their ugly mugs

Tellin’ all his fake friends quit talkin’ so cool;
Don’t be so chill; he ain’t looking ill
And Sweet Noelle
Is with him in the bottomless pit

Maneuvering in the lit, shining, rhythmless sulking show
Sellin’ stones to a sea, but it ain’t workin’
Not knowing how to heal the part that’s hurtin’, you’ve forgotten how to:

Do your thang. Do your thang. Whenever you do what you gotta do
And you’ll be living your way . . . you’ll be living your way . . . should you do your thang

Verse 3
Delayed in what she wants to say,
With a couple goals in life to break the goose egg,
She said what she did, rather what she was gonna
Gathering beginners to show ‘em a winner

On the inner, she can’t see what she holds
But you feel it when you deal it, Noelle, that’s soul
She knew she had to go with the flow
Keeping everything natural

To keep her progress flawless from nonsense and hold nothing on her conscience,
The losses, they came and went, you breathe 'em in; you breathe 'em out--
You got no time living with one doubt

No doubt, when you fell
It was no question of if as you listened to death
Watching the dead, it went again and again
And nobody can save you but yourself

Sweet Noelle, and you knew that you were stuck
You were long gone along the pond there sucking while your voice screamed to you:

Do your thang. Do your thang. Whenever you do whatever you gotta do
But the huntsman came with such a swagger to drift you away, such a swagger to drift you his way

Do your thang. Do your thang.
If you want to live your way . . . You gotta do your thang.

Walk with Me

Written By: Ryan Jackson

Verse 1:
Linus and Charlie got me sayin' 'word'
It seems so simple when you never really heard
Then on second thought I think I got more than I deserve
No one said I could cut a corner on the learning curve

Conscious: too much, timeless: in a rush
In a pinch, lookin' for an inch
Other than another homie sayin' whatcha can and can't do
What's true and untrue, now suddenly you're out the loop

Askin', ‘what's in store for next year? ‘
He don’t know; check a paper later--there ain't nothin' to hear
You gotta quizzack with the q-stions,
And then sizzack, you're overheatin' from the boostin'

Now she’s pissed ‘cause he insists he didn’t say what he said
She’s gotta unwind but her freedom’s gone dead
You gotta take it slow, Ms. Always on the Go
Put your worries in a line, one at a time

But don’t ask me how, walk with me now,
You talk a great talk, well then, walk with me
Come and walk with me, walk with me,
Take a walk with me, right now

Verse 2:
Word is bond. Haven't you heard?
That's gone, holler at every con
The worst act diverged at trouble and main,
You fine the walk when you just stumble the same

You love to pretend a gaze and amaze in distorted views
Suddenly you made the front page news
What a world to give a twirl without panties
Mama must say, ‘My baby, isn't that dandy?’

Handy to have a tabloid up your skirt
You couldn't make Playboy so now you're just a flirt
And a fake, and a thang, and a whole list more
Gimme mo, mo, mo, on the flo, flo, flo

Now you’re on your own little grievance on a screen
In what so seems to be nothin’ but a dream
Nothing has to glow
Shut the window, open the door

And walk with me, walk with me.
Take a walk with me, right now.
You want to take a walk. Oh, you wanna take a walk.
Walk in modern Babylon in the park.

Verse 3:
Have it all, take it all
Don't leave any left for the rest of the mall
Consumin' keep boomin'
You never had it better 'till you had gizmos to show fo'

You ain't need my riddum; you got your own
Peep the tunes in your cell phone
If you got it packed in your back pocket,
It's a lock you’re stayin' intact for the day

You could sell a Sam tell a man go buy a killer jam
'Cause it's all in the fam, right
But he ain't buyin' it. Stop sellin' it.
Tell it like it is, you da man, he's a bizz

Let the cork fly, let the bottle fizz
Homies sayin' that it is what it is
‘Cause they heard it before, but never learned it before
It's time to shut the windows, open the doors

And walk with me, walk with me,
Take a walk with me, right now
Come and walk with me, walk with me,
Walkin’ modern Babylon in the park


Sweet Noelle (Single)
Walk with Me (Single)