Ryan Jarman

Ryan Jarman


I am a solo artist with a great backup band! Our style is folk-rock & I write about my life experiences no holds barred. Often told I sound like Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Elliot Smith, John Mayer, Tom Petty, and the songs are full, emotional, and real with a '70s type of warmth.


I grew up listening to The Eagles, Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, Glass Tiger, Leonard Cohen, Kenny Rogers, and due to the generation my parents/grandparents were raised in, I got to listen to a lot of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Crosby, Stills, Nash, (& Young), ZZ Top, Led Zepplin, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne ect. I would have to say the majority of influence in what I write comes from the Singer/Songwriters of Laurel Canyon in the 60s/70s.


I Get It Now

Written By: Ryan Jarman

It just occured to me that of anyone in your life,
You treat me the worst

It just occured to me that of all your priorities,
Your precious reputation comes first

I'm gettin' on the train
Ride 2000 miles away from here
Don't worry about me baby
Im not gonna shed a tear!

Suddenly it doesn't feel so bad
when you don't wanna hold my hand
Suddenly it doesn't feel so wrong
to be happy that you're gone

Chorus x1

Listen to me my dear,
I'll get over you somehow!

It just occured to me that any problem you have
is simply not mine!
It just occured to me that when I fell for you
I was wasting my time!

Chorus x2

Get over here, get over yourself...
I'm putting you up on the shelf!

Rain On My Face

Written By: Ryan Jarman

I watched the sun come up this morning
Seems the days are going by so fast.
I haven't slept in four nights
I never dreamed I'd finish last.

The clouds roll in every time I think of you leaving,
But Im not crying
Thats just rain on my face

Is there any way to make you stay
I'd buy you the world, Id write you a million songs...
Light the dark and dry your tears,
I'd do anything if it meant we'd just get along


I know you'd stay if you only knew my pain,
But you won't ask me if Im crying
So baby thats just,
Im telling you thats just rain on my face


No Im not crying, thats just rain on my face......

Perfectly Imperfect

Written By: Ryan Jarman, Shayne Forster

Sitting on commercial drive on a sunday afternoon,
While you sip your coffee I look into your eyes,
directly into you

They say what you don't know won't hurt you
But it's killing me to not know, if you feel the same way too

I just want to stand-------- with you
(Beside you everyday)
I just want to Run---------- with you
(All the way)
I just want to fall------------- for you
I just want to stand beside you------------------------
(I just want to stand------------------------)

You seem to know everybody & you don't judge anyone.
You've got fashion, I love your passion for life
The way you tell me when I call at three in the morning,
That everything will be alright, it gives me a bit of light.

It makes me want to stand------with you
(beside you everyday)
It makes me want to run --------with you
(All the way)
It makes me want to stand beside you
(I mean every word I say)
It makes me want to fall in love
It makes me want to stand beside you-------
(It makes me want to stand ...)


But I see you walk out the door again
With a smile, I try to let you go
Someday I'll find it in me.....
To stand in your way let you know I'll stand beside you.......
(I'll stand beside you)

That youre the one I want to run to
(I want to run to...........)
That I'll stand solid ground to defend you
(That I'll stand solid ground to defend you)
That I've fallen-----------in love with you
(That Ive fallen, That Ive fallen)
That I want to run away with you........

Love Or A Dream

Written By: Ryan Jarman

Wrote a few songs
Throw my clothes in a bag
The cars takin me to get on the plane
My hearts broken in Vancouvers hands
But my dreams are in Los Angeles

Just a few miles away from you
I can still taste your tears
My heart will always love you
I'll be gone but my heart will stay right here

Love stays with you,
A dream must be chased
I cant chace what I already have
If I chase this dream
It's something I can have
That Ive never had

I need to choose one or the other
Love or a dream
Though I love you
this choice is not as hard as it seems

Say you'll wait for me....
Wait for me.........

Listen to me!
There's two fires in my soul
They burn so strong....SO STRONG!
Both are gonna hurt me
Both are gonna heal me
I can't choose

So wait for me x4

Say you'll be faithfull baby...
Wait.........wait for me.....
My heart will stay right here....

A Better Life

Written By: Ryan Jarman

Watching out over the city, this is where Ive made my changes
Theres nothing that can stop me, for so long Ive waited
Everything just seems to fit now, everything just seems to be right
Theres nothing that can stop me, nothing in my way tonight

Its just a matter of time, all you have to do is try
Theres no feeling like it when you find a better life....oh a better life...

Ive walked down many sad streets, ive also walked along the beach
No need to sit out in the storm, find the light inside, it keeps you warm
Nothing changes if you stand still, in balance you find your meaning
Maybe you need to run, maybe you just need to start believing

End chorus:
And in my hours alone, these higher emotions bring a smile to my face
All i can say is I’d like to carry on, Im ready for a better life.......
Its just a matter of time, all you have to do is try
Theres no feeling like it when you find a better life....oh a better life...

An Hour In The Glass

Written By: Ryan Jarman

I never thought it would end this way
Or that Id ever see this day
You say Im better off free
I agree I certainly am
But I never thought youd leave
With some other man

One day youll look up at the night sky
Wish on a lonely star
and ask yourself why...
Quick changes never last
Your dreams have come to pass
While your man spends another hour in the glass

So you get in that car, you go drive off to him
And if youre lonely again Ive got no pity for it
Im tired of being the second best
its time for you to go
and if you come back again
my arms wont be open


Feels Like Yesterday

Written By: Ryan Jarman

A cool crisp fall morning
The sun reflects off the rooftops
Of the citys downtown core

Feels like all the time has disappeared
Reality's sinking in, so I sit back in my chair
Lite a cigarrette and drink my lukewarm coffee...

Looking back, for so long Ive hid from this
Ive taken off my mask
Its been a while and I still dont know what to say
All I know right now is that it feels like yesterday..

In such a short time Ive seen too much
I feel so out of touch
I still havent let this go

Maybe someday I'll see your face again
And get to thank you for all youve given
I dont know if you can hear my words

My faith is strong but everyone has thier doubts............

Looking back, for so long Ive hid from this
Ive taken off my mask
Its been a while now and I still dont know what to say
All I know right now is that it feels like yesterday..

Yeah Looking back, for so long Ive hid frmo this...no more...
Ive taken off my mask, its been too long and I just dont know what the hell to say

All I know right now is it feels like yesterday x3

All I know right now, is that it feels like you just flew away.....

A Sober Hour

Written By: Ryan Jarman

If you sit by the ocean
And you look up to the sky
Maybe you'll see a daimond in your reflection
Know how special you are in this life

If you look inside
And you find a peace of mind
You may find you don't have anything to hide
You're going to make it through this time.

Life's like the wind, it goes so quickly
Time ticks away, but theres a new tomorrow
Broken hearts will mend, theres a light for you tonight
You'll be alright, you dont have to fight anymore

Theres always going to be some rain
But the clouds will always disappear
You're a shining star
You're anything you want to be

Breathe in the air
Feel the earth beneath your feet
Let the water wash away your pain
Feel the fire burning inside you once again




Lifes like the wind,
Time ticks away,
Broken hearts will mend
(Theres a light.....)
You'll be alright
You dont have to fight anymore
For that sober hour.......

I Didn't Think

Written By: Ryan Jarman

I know I dont have to tell you whats on my mind,
I don’t have to say that this is making me wanna run and hide
I watched the sunset with you in my heart tonight.
In a while Ill be going to sleep and I wont be holding you tight

I didnt think you would just walk past this time
I knew youd take the time to just be
I didnt think that If I fell down you wouldnt know,
I didnt think it would be this easy for you to hit the open road

I watch the clock tick by, the suns coming up and I have yet to cry
Imagining your right beside me Our love showed me that sometimes
The best of things are meant to pass us by
And it seems this passed us by

Chorus x3

I know I dont have to tell you whats on my mind,
I know have to say that this is making me wanna run and hide

Never Going Back

Written By: Ryan Jarman

I remember walking down main st
on a cold winter day
I didnt believe in anything
But something made me stay

I knew one day Id leave that town behind
Id know life in a different way

My wounds seemed to make me stronger
The road here wasnt paved in gold
I pulled myself up, walked away from my past
Its not me anymore, and Im never going back.

I laid in bed hungry for love
Hearing every scream
As hard as they tried
They could never break me

You cant make it if you dont look ahead
I raised myself & chose life instead


Damn you! This is my chance!
I'll be damned if Im gonna let it pass!


End Chorus:
Compared to you, Ive always been so much stronger, stronger
Without you here I finally found I'm gold
I pulled myself up to walk away from you
You're not a part of me anymore,
And I am NEVER coming back....
I never going back!


I will be releasing my debut CD 'Perfectly Imperfect' this spring. Currently fans can listen to a couple of my songs through streaming.

Set List

The album has ten songs:
1. I Get It Now
2. Love Or A Dream
3. Never Going Back
4. Perfectly Imperfect
5. Feels Like Yesterday
6. Rain On My Face
7. An Hour In The Glass
8. I Didn't Think
9. A Sober Hour
10. A Better Life

A set would last just over an hour to an hour and a half.