Ryan Fabian and The Red Chris

Ryan Fabian and The Red Chris


A young guy who travels around the country as a one man act with a synth, bass and drum machine. Good songwriting, good music, good record...a total solid act.


"What do you sound like?" "What kind of music do you play?" those are the hardest questions to answer. What does Ryan Fabian sound like? I don't know really...think funk. Think of what a guy with a bass, drum machine and Micro Korg with pro musicians would sound like if they did everything spot-on with great songwriting. That's what it sounds like I guess. I'm not going to sit here and inflate the hell out of myself. I hate sitting through those kinds of bios. I'll let my actions speak louder than my words.


Songs from a Decrepit Bronx Apartment

Set List

1. I'm a Mess (Big Black cover)
2. Flipswitch
3. Home at Night
4. Isabella
5. Song Against Sunday Morning
6. 95 North
7. Body in the Trunk
8. Erase The Writing
9. Fire in the Apartment