Ryan K

Ryan K

 Miami, Florida, USA

Amazing Songwriter with a new sound, young with an old soul inspired by the early 70's artist such as AlGreen, Marvin Gaye, The Stylistics


Singer/Songwriter Ryan K was born and raised in Miami Fl and is of Cuban Descent. From the beginning music for Ryan was a way of life. His mother who was also an aspiring artist at one time in her life was always an inspiration to Ryan growing up it would seem only natural that he would later grow up and embrace his musical roots and embrace his love and passion for music. Ryan K Began writing and recording at the age of 17 and at 18 released his very first mix tape "In God We Trust" under the independent music label "House Money Records" based out of NY Long Island after a 2year stint with the music label Ryan decided it was time for a change and left that situation to pursue other options. "In God We Trust" became a platform that today marks the beginning of Ryan's career. With a promising mix tape out and a buzz throughout the Miami & NY music scene Ryan began working hard and continued in pursuit of his dream of one day becoming one of today's hottest Songwriter/Artist mean while on his journey Rayn has had the pleasure of opening up for such major acts such as such as Ace Hood,Trick Daddy, ShawtyLo and major Reggae ton Artist such as Archangel,Joel Y Randy, and Zion y Lennox and many more. Besides having the opportunity to perform on the same stage as some of these major acts Ryan has also recorded & appeared on records with such artist as Jim Jones,Sheek Louch,Black Dada,C-Ride and more. Ryan K who started off his musical career under the name Rolls Royce came to a stop in the road one day when he was contacted by the famous automobile's lawyer with threats of being sued for name use, around the same time Royce Had felt a sense of urgency not only to have the name changed due to the discrepancy but he also felt it was time for a new aura around his music and brand.After 7 years of being known as Rolls Royce to many, he decided to go with Ryan K which is his actual birth name it did int hurt that the name also appealed to his genera of music.Ryan K is known in the music world for his catchy hooks and writing ability, Ryan prides himself in the hook department and at an early start in his career he has already been given the nickname Da Hook King amongst his pears. Since the beginning Ryan explains "Hooks came easy to me i would hear a beat and 5 min later after hearing the melody i would simply match the words to the beat and it was a done deal" for Ryan it was always a dream and one of his goals to be known and recognized as not only a great Artist but a great songwriter. Now in 2010 Ryan K is working and reaching his musical aspirations working with some of today's hottest and most talked about up incoming producers such as producers TheTrakksounds,Djaycas,Microh and DJ Pain to name a few. Ryan K who will be releasing his debut R&B album titled "My Future's Past" in 2010 is getting ready to take the industry by storm. "My Future's Past" is a collection of heart felt ballads and easy to listen to tunes, each song reveals a message and a meaning. Ryan K explains "It's taken 2 years for me to put this album together after all the work, all the pain all the life's ups and downs i feel like this is my best work to date this album personifies a new chapter in my life from the name change to relationship situations its music from my soul and allot of people will be able to relate to the music i touch on topics such as break ups, Trust Issues and the beautiful gift of my child, while still taking you to the clubs and giving you some fun music you can dance to and enjoy" "My Future's Past was released January 11/ 2011


-Featured on Power96 96.5 8 weeks in a row
BBK feat Rolls Royce "Imma Chico" Imma Zoe Remix"
-Featured on WEDR 99jamz Rolls Royce "Famous"
-Featured on WEDR 99jams Young Bz feat Rolls Royce "Dance Flo"
-Featured on WEDR 99jamz BCP- Feat Rolls Royce & D-Shep "Love on the Dance Floor"
"Love on the Dance Floor" featured on cbs 4 news