Ryan Kenney

Ryan Kenney


Coming of age in Nashville, TN, singer/songwriter Ryan Kenney’s music combines poetic lyrics with sweeping vocals. Ryan is the breath of fresh air that music fanatics have been waiting for with an emotional delivery that redefines acoustic pop and allows him to build a relationship with any listener. While it is difficult to put him in a box, one might say his music is a cross between Jason Mraz and James Taylor, but upon listening, one realizes that Ryan’s music is undefinable.


Ryan Kenney Biography
Match Records: An imprint of Middle Tennessee State University

Ryan Kenney, with his poetic lyrics accompanied by smooth vocals, can easily be seen as the breathe of fresh air music fanatics have been waiting for. Born on the 17th of January, 1992, Kenney started his life in a much more rural environment than he is accustomed to now, Cincinnati, OH. It wasn’t until the age of 10 that he began to feel the true southern upbringing of the South East due to his father’s job. At the start of his teenage years, fate landed him in the Middle Tennessee region, where he plans to continue to grow and develop and long lasting successful career.
Kenney’s passion for music was sparked at a young age. In only the 2nd grade, he was inspired by Shel Silverstein poetry, this inspiration developed into his first experimentations with the power that words may have when combined in a particular order. His interest was only enhanced by growing up during the time where boy bands, such as Back Street Boys and N’Sync were most influential. While Kenney’s parents were both athletes, each of them contributed to what would lead to the unique sound of his music today, by raising him on a combination of singer songwriter pop from such artists as, Jim Croce, Paul Simon and James Taylor and the timeless tunes of Motown. From here, his own journey towards music was inevitable. While his voice was first heard as John Mayer impressions, the positive reactions he received from those around him lead to his re-inventing himself and finding that unique voice that he is so known for now.
Today, Ryan Kenney is known as one of the most lyrical song writers, not only in his college, Middle Tennessee State University, where he majors in Music Business, but also much of the surrounding areas. His works are seen as Acoustic Pop that provide the perfect “date-night” music with content that can touch base with any heart. For this reason, if he had to be compared to any artist it would be smooth blend between that of Jason Mraz and James Taylor. He strives to create a continuous flow of creativity that allows for others to not only see his own heart shine through his music but also creates a harmonic relationship with his listeners that can be felt on an emotional level. Through his dedication to his love for music and heartfelt performances throughout the Middle Tennessee area, he has recently landed his first deal under Match Records and has plans of working with them and all of his resources to reach the next level in his career.
Currently a student at MTSU, Kenney is signed with Match Records, an imprint of the Department of Recording Industry. While Kenney would love to get signed to a major label in the future, his primary focus is to “connect emotionally with as many listeners as possible to deliver the talent [he’s] been blessed with.” More than anything he just wants to do use his abilities to do something he loves that returns enough to provide for his family.


Shades-- Released March 2013 on Match Records: a Middle Tennessee State University imprint