Ryan Layden

Ryan Layden

 Austin, Texas, USA

Jeff Buckely, Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne sat down for dinner and conversed about creating a artist that would possess all of their qualities in one being. They followed thru with their plan. And now you have me


Ryan Layden is a singer, songwriter at heart firmly grounded in his midwest roots. Very rarely influenced by fly by night artists, he finds his soul attached to the remembered voice of his favorite artist Jeff Buckley. Layden hopes to mirror this artist in creating a surreal and life changing experience with his talent.

It is impossible to categorize him in any genre as he is eclectic and refuses to stop trying to find something new.

A very acoustic, folk, and often rock centered approach leaves Ryan Layden in the open door of opportunity for an ever-changing industry.

Ryan Layden's album titled "Tangerine" is set to be released in Spring 2011 and will be followed by a film production of the same title.

"Tangerine", the album is a reflection on life, love, struggles,
friendship, God and reputation; focusing on many of Ryan's own
conquers and struggles. Much of his efforts now and with the
release of his new album will benefit the funding of medication
and research for childhood diabetes.

Never has Ryan Layden lost sight of feeling through music and asks his audiences to do the same. Music is an experience, no matter what end of it you are on!


"9 days to a dream" LP, "Tangerine" EP,"Crossing Smith" Ep, "Holding on" Single, "You are" Single.

Misery, Long way Down, Searching, Holding on are currently all on radio in different markets.

Set List

A Good Love
Holding On
You are
All Good Things Must Die