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Ryan Luchuck Band


Piano Rock


"People were starting to doubt we'd ever finish this album," says piano rocker Ryan Luchuck (l-oo-chuck), referring to the nearly three years since his debut EP. "It definitely seemed at times that fate didn't want it to happen; well, too bad, because here it is." After years of songwriting, a failed six month recording attempt with a local producer and a flooded rehearsal space ($10,000 in equipment lost), the guys hit the studio on their own in early 2006 and recorded sixteen songs in three weeks.
"We did it quickly to get a live sound and avoid the tendency to over-produce the tracks," says Luchuck. The result is a riveting blend of raw and pristine, the piano trio sound augmented with keyboard textures, thick vocals and occasionally a string quartet. 'A Super Happy Heartbreak Sound' is the resulting full-length debut from the Ryan Luchuck Band.

The album, like the making-of, is full of emotional highs and lows. While songs like "Beautiful" and "Only Girl" are optimistic, "That's When You'll Know" is the ultimate break-up song. There is also a track dedicated to any girl who refuses to date musicians: "I'm Not Waiting".

Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Luchuck moved to Toronto in 2002 and soon landed a weekly gig playing covers in a college piano bar. Between taking requests, he began to play his own songs to the drunken crowd. To his surprise, his originals became more popular than many rock'n'roll classics. These songs were released on his debut EP in 2003. With no promotional budget, Luchuck managed to sell 1,500 copies and garner rave reviews from critics worldwide.

After recording his EP by himself, Luchuck formed a band originally only for live shows. Ben Adivi (drums) and Jason Eagan (bass) joined and soon became an integral part of the piano rock sound. "I'm not really a solo artist anymore; the guys play such a big role now," says Luchuck. The Ryan Luchuck Band has won fans across Ontario and Quebec with their energetic live shows and was voted the #3 act of Canadian Music Week 2005 by The Coast Magazine (Halifax).

'A Super Happy Heartbreak Sound' was released on May 12, 2006 at the Horseshoe Tavern, followed by a cross-Canada tour.


A Super Happy Heartbreak Sound (LP): released May 2006
Ryan Luchuck (l-oo-chuck) (EP): released July 2003

Set List

[2+ hours]

Original songs:

it's alright by me
so uncool
i'm not waiting
that's when you'll know
the one you're looking for
freak of nature
different good
only girl
drown in this sound
over yet?
break up the band
i've had enough
please kill me
every guy is trying to take my place

best friend
gonna come to me
take my time away
you're a psycho
is everything still ok?

Cover songs (if needed):

everyone wants to rule the world - tears for fears
nowhere man - the beatles
substitute - the who
street spirit (fade out) - radiohead
helplessly hoping - crosby, stills & nash
lady madonna - the beatles
big bottom - spinal tap
such great heights - the postal service
instant karma - john lennon
solsbury hill - peter gabriel
come together - the beatles