Ryan Malott and Kelly Thomas

Ryan Malott and Kelly Thomas


Post-Modern Johnny meets June.


Everyone knows that the backbone of Country music is a good love story. Liquor-drenched heartache and a whole lot of screen door slamming begot countless couples whose naturally chaos-riddled chemistry made for more than just unforgettable tunes.

Kelly Thomas and Ryan Malott bring their own separate tales of love and loss to the table, where they douse them in whiskey, light them on fire, and belt them out for the considerable pleasure of their listeners. Thomas, regionally known as the Fabulous Pickups’ fiercely fun leading lady, is a country girl whose pipes tend to sneak up on their subject with impossibly patient resonance. Malott takes a somewhat different tack, but with a sweet face belying a raucous philosophy, he’s made an equally tireless run as front man for nationally recognized rockers 500 Miles to Memphis. Together, the two have found something close to poetry, though still a ways from peace. Their forthcoming self titled EP propels Johnny & June into a new generation with stand-outs like “Can’t Keep Holding On,” a track that sums up the duo’s combined view of love as a beautifully precarious force that too often overstays its welcome. Vocal familiarity soaks “You Don’t Have to Find Jesus” and “Everybody’s Darlin’” in classic Country sadness and then wrings them niftily through the ages with a little help from well-manned guitars and lap steel. Kelly’s usually commanding voice takes a backseat at just the right turns as an acoustic guitar narrates and Ryan drawls his way toward the door in “Ready to Run.” Meanwhile, the equally jangling and gentle “Easy Tonight” tells of exhausted lovers too tired to do much more than drink about it.
As a duo, Kelly and Ryan nurture a common spirit, but they know that achieving perfect harmony often means refusing to stay comfortable for too long. The result is equal parts collision and collaboration, both a rite and a rumble—in other words, the very best of two worlds.


Everybody's Darlin

Written By: Ryan Malott and Kelly Thomas

Pour out the whiskey
pour out your heart
feel it burn on your tongue
that's just the start
Drown out the memories
that keep you here each night.
In the arms of another stranger
in the glow of a neon light.

Everybody's Darlin
Nobody's Girl
Everybody's Sweetheart
Alone in the world
These nights they go on spinnin'
and your caught up in the whirl
Everybody's Darlin
Nobody's Girl

Ten a.m.
Wakin' up all alone
You wash off the heartache
That's followed you home
You're giving up on something
You're trying to believe
Somewhere there's a better way
And a love that won't leave

Everybody's Darlin...


Self titled EP. "Can't Keep Holdin' On", "You Don't Have To Find Jesus", "Everybody's Darlin'", "Easy Tonight", "Ready To Run". Receiving regular airplay on WNKU FM 89.7

Set List

Sets typically run 40 minutes. Performing a mix of the original tunes from the recently released EP, songs from both 500 Miles to Memphis, Ryan's primary project and Kelly's songs from her solo album complimented by a few covers by Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch and the like.