Ryan Masters Band

Ryan Masters Band


Ryan Masters Band is a Rock/Alt Country Pop band that plays music written by Ryan Masters. They have a unique sound that has been perfected over 10 years of songwriting and 4 solo albums. Their sound is a mix intense melodies and catchy hooks and a beat that keep fans coming for more. Lets dance


Ryan Masters lives in the small town of Alton, Ontario Canada. He has been writing, recording, and performing music since the age of 10. Ryan is the epitome of a small town soul, with a unique sound that can light up the world. Ryan has a catalogue of over 100 songs that he can pull from to create his live shows, which keeps people coming back for more. Ryan is only content when creating the music that is trapped in his heart, so he continues to follow his passion no matter what path it leads him down.

Ryan began his music quest becoming the lead singer and song writer in a few punk bands, most notably Martini. Martini had a good run of over 6 years and opened for bands like The Constantines, Gob, The Weakerthans, Marilyn’s Vitimins (Hostage Life), and many, many others. In the more recent years Ryan has played in bands like The Patterns, Jaguar Strip, Big David Little David and Pinnacle People to name a few. While in these bands he has opened for bands like Pretty Girls Make Graves, In Flight Safety, Joan Of Arc, Ambulette and many more.

As Ryan has matured, he has come to a realization that he must move forward with his career and settle for nothing less than a life in music. Knowing this, Ryan started putting all of his energy into solo recordings, spending months in his home studio writing, recording and producing all of his own music. Ryan released 2 solo records called My Kingdom and A Shadow In My Work Place.

Ryan’s next record called A Shadow In Kingdom Falls brought Ryan into a professional studio and introduced him to a producer named Greg Dawson (Moneen, Five Blank Pages, etc.). Ryan played all of the instruments (which he prefers) and produced it with engineer Greg Dawson. The record has 10 songs and is his most ambitious release so far; with many different styles including: country, folk, blues, rock, and pop. Ryan takes the listener on a journey of nostalgia, mystery, sadness, joy, and wonder. His arrangement skills stand out along with catchy hooks and innovative melodies.

Ryan is a multi-talented musician; this has afforded him the ability to follow his inspirations into the depths of his imagination. Having the ability to play all of the instruments as well as record and produce his own music, he has created a sound unique to Ryan Masters.

Now that Ryan has completed A Shadow In Kingdom Falls he has focused on progressing his music and perfecting that “Ryan Masters sound”. He has already completed the ground works for two new albums, In the Hills of Pilgrim and The Great Alton Fire. Both albums demonstrate the dedication that Ryan has for song writing and his unwavering love for the small town life. When Ryan decides to work with a label to distribute his music, those around him will discover a treasure chest of musical gems.

Ryan’s live show has allowed him to continue to add to his growing fan base. It is a regular sight to see his many fans dancing and singing along to the catchy hooks and rhythms that Ryan and his band supply. He has put together a live band with some of his older friends from his “band days”. The band captures everything that Ryan created in the studio and are all committed to getting Ryan’s music out into the world. Ryan is in the process of coordinating a tour, while playing shows on a regular basis all over Southern Ontario. Ryan is not only looking to release stellar albums but to play to the world by touring on a regular basis.

Ryan Masters is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer/song writer, engineer, filmmaker and all -round artist that will continue to make art for the sake of his great passion. His music is loved by those that have heard it and continues to make an impact on anyone who listens.


Les Grande Kamikaze

Written By: Ryan Masters

How can I dream of anything real? With the cold coming closer we all will take cover.
I'm the reason I'm worried and with goals I'll be carried to kingdoms and workshops before I am buried.
I know something bad that you don't know. I know nothing is real life and so-so. I know something good that you don't know like me moving faster like years in my dojo.
The time is now, wind, water and sound. With the cold coming closer I'm about to feel older. I'm the reason I'm worried and with my mind I'll be carried to a field in a small town is where I am gonna be buried.

The Family Tree

Written By: Ryan Masters

We won't stop by ticking time, it takes my mind away. And by the time I cared another a fist to my friends.
We all sing like a broken key. I eye the moonlight.
And he starts all fire's and the skies know his name. If the day got lost he'd be the only one to blame. He wont stop 'till we find sunlight and I eye the moonlight.
And I know that things will get better and things are better.
Like my mother and like father and just like my brothers.
Every night's the same but we're the only ones to blame.
When the day got gone I got going on this song. I wont stop 'till I find sunlight and I eye the moonlight.
Do Wop

"The Pinnacle People"

Written By: Ryan Masters

I got damn tired thinking of Mondays.
I got so damn tired thinking of Mondays.
They knew city time but never mind that tonight because you my friend are on small town time and the fire wont die.
Some search for things to burn until we all feel that we have enough things to burn.
She knows that I'm thinking of Mondays. She knows damn well that I'm thinking of Mondays.
I know this new world seems tragic but I know you'll find your way and lets see where these eyes will follow.
I know this new world is tragic and I know I'll find my way and lets see where this river follows.
She got damn tired thinking of Mondays.

"This isn't romantic and this isn't even tragic" - matt white

Thus, Future, History & Film

Written By: Ryan Masters

Those days are gone but not forgotten. I see my mind's eye go blind cause I'm caught cold in motion. Time isn't wasted, no I'm just on empty and when the day is done it's hard to find it in me.
We caught the common man thinking in dreaming and he wont be dreaming long is the only thing he's thinking. But time isn't wasted, no he's just on empty and when the night comes we're both crazy.
We want the days short, the moon out on time, STOP the endless own hated and the mindless own self hate. I'll tell a story about this town that I once knew front to back through and through. Our history will continue.
Those days are gone and they are forgotten I see no mind's eye go blind, I'm dead - no motion. Time is wasted, yeah I'm still on empty and when the day is done I can't find it in me.
We caught the common man thinking in dreaming now he wont be thinking long if it's the only thing he's thinking. Time is wasted YEAH he's still on empty and when the night comes we're both fucking crazy.

In The Hills Ill Stay

Written By: Ryan Masters

I stepped away from all of you and took the back way home. I hear your voice and I know I am not alone.
In the big bright light and under trees of the dead wood night I am so sure of this and I can't go home.
Let me find my way. In the hills they say that my days are named and I'm not right.
If my heart is beating it's because I'm with you.
In the time of the ghost just maybe I knew and saw through the truth.
So let me find my way and in the hills I'll stay, I can stand alone in the shadows.
Now summer and only a days away from the moments of time and the hours of fall and then the new year. I can't say no now to love. I wont say no now to love. I can't say no now to love. I wont say no now to love.
Then I found my way and in these hills I'll say that my days are named and I'm not right.
"Roll Me Away"
Say good night.

The Ghost Of Junga

Written By: Ryan Masters

I can see him standing quietly in my mind. He's been watching me for quite sometime. But at least I wont be running from you.
There's a girl in the streetlight tonight. In her hands she holds the story of her life but at least she wont be running from you.
This ghost is the last thing I can see and it's staring right back at me. I know I'm wicked too.
I can tell by the pain in your eyes that you dont think well make it out of here alive but at least we wont be running from you and at least we wont be running from you.


My Kingdom
2003 solo release from Ryan Masters. 9 songs written, performed, produced, recorded by Ryan.
Track Listing:
In The Back
Where She Lies
My Rodeo Disco
Oh Devil Man
Document Fire
The Old Ages To Be
"Fireworks Are Illegal In Illinois"
Ghosts & Unfamiliar Things
Midnight Smile, You're Bleeding As You Fall

A Shadow In Kingdom Falls
10 Songs. Written, produced, Performed By Ryan Masters. Produced, recorded by Greg Dawson.
Track Listing:
"The Pinnacle People"
Les Grande Kamikaze
The Common Man
The Ghost Of Junga
Rivers & Sins
When Everybody's Dead
The Family Tree
Small Town Thrones

In The Hills Of Pilgrim
13 songs written, performed, produced, recorded by Ryan Masters.
Track listing:

1. An Introduction To The Towns People
2. In The Hills I'll Stay
4. Tree Island
5. The Hills Of Pilgrim
6. Did I Find You?
7. Graveland
8. Thus, Future, History & Film
9. The Magic River
10. The Cold Day Of Never End
11. Doctor, Pills, Driving, TicketMaster, Brooklyn
12. The Best Part Of Beginning
13. Old Grown Boy

Listen To Edge 102.1 to hear "Family Tree" by The Ryan Masters Band, started getting airplay in Jan of 2009.

For samples of above music:

Kamikaze live @ Horseshoe Edge 102.1 Indie Night


Set List

Ryan Masters has been playing for some many years that perfecting the set list has become extremely important. Ryan has over 100 songs to choose from but always chooses the best songs that show all the great things about his music and the bands abilities as live performers. A usual Ryan Masters Band set ranges from 28 - 35 minutes. But could go longer, whatever the allotted time slot, Ryan has never had a problem with either having the audience wanting more and making their night a fully satisfying memorable event.
the usual songs that are played are the following: