Ryan McCarthy

Ryan McCarthy


The music is power acoustic, rhythmic and melodic, soothing and snapping at the same time. What I love and try to create is music that challenges established patterns while still being totally accessible and listenable. My aim is to sneaks up on you, kick you in the nuts and snarl as I slink away.


I am a songwriter by breed. Songs have been filling my head at least since the day I was born, I'm sure. I think, in my last life, I wished to come back as a song and this is as close as I could get.
After spending the first half of my life playing various instruments, including one's I invented myself, I still was unable to create the sounds that I heard in my soul. Then, as a teenager, I picked up a guitar, wrote a song that day, played using only one finger sliding up and down the strings and that was the beginning of the next 14 years of my life.
I purposely taught myself how to play, because I didn't want to write like anyone else. To this day, I can't even name the strings, much less tell you what notes or chords I'm playing. I had to invent every single chord that I play from scratch, which I feel has given me a unique intimacy with the instrument as well as a unique toolbox full of partial chords, unusual tunings and my own style of phrasing and progressions.
I have been fascinated by performing and showbiz all my life, but I really didn't set out to be a performer. However, as a songwriter, I had to continually challenge and push myself to play better, to sing better, to recreate the songs as I imagined them. All this by my own ear, by my own critique. I feel now that I would never change the way I've come if I had the chance.
Many people ask what my influences have been. I grew up on classic rock, rap, hip hop, 80's pop, metal, 90's 'grunge' and indie and modern music of all flavors. And I honestly believe I have been influenced by them all in small and large ways. But, when it comes down to it, I just string notes together that I feel belong together. John Coltrane once said, "Forget the rules, play what you feel," and I agree.
So, now, at this point in my life all I want to do is play my songs for people, wherever, whenever I can. I want to use music to share with others what I love, what I think, how I feel, not only lyrically, but also through the instrumental aspect of the music. When I hear music, I see it in my mind very visually. There's color, form, movement - that's actually how I memorize my songs, by the picture they become. I want to be able to take that picture, that painting and say, "Do you see the beauty here?"
I guess that's my story. Music. It's all about the music.


2008 - Laydown Demo EP, Indie