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""Done in a Day " EP"

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""Done in a Day " EP"

Ryan Moore - "Done in a Day" EP

After months of patience, it's finally seeing a release - the "Done in a Day" EP by Ryan Moore. This debut album is a seven track introspect into the ethereal sound of Ryan Moore's music. Entirely instrumental, this album is unique in that it was wholly composed and recorded in less than twenty-four (24) hours; no pre-written material was utilized. "I listened to many of the twenty-five plus other songs that I've recorded over the past year and decided against putting them on this record. I wanted it to be something unique and fresh. I've never known any artist to entirely write a brand new album in less than a day and so I became infatuated with the idea. I immediately began to write," says the guitarist.
The album opens with the explosive "Four Years Gone, Four Years Strong", offering a great look at Ryan Moore's style. "This was the first one that I recorded, the one that really pushed me to create a whole album. I was up in the late hours of the night, melancholy that high school was coming to a close, so I picked up my guitar and pressed 'record' on the program I use. The song just came to me as I was playing it," he remarks. "Essentially, the whole album is improvised." The eighteen year old musician drew inspiration from a wide variety of artists such as Buckethead, Boards of Canada, and local underground hip hop producer/MC Avant Guard, however more motivation came from an abstract introspection of his senior year's final months and the daily happenings of life rather than concrete musical influence. Overall, "Done in a Day" is an emotion-inspiring journey into the heart of Ryan Moore's unique instrumental musical style. The closing track - "Witherto and Whyfor" - fantastically exemplifies said style. "I wrote "Witherto and Whyfor" specifically to have an out-of-this-world kind of sound. It makes me feel like I'm floating, and I wanted it to have a kind of cosmic feeling. . .like it's bigger than me."
"Done in a Day" reinvents, or maybe even entirely creates a musical genre. "I wanted to play around with the idea of improvisation. My good friend and local producer/MC Avant Guard is always coming up with these witty lyrical 'freestyle' verses. I thought it would be fun and unique to take that idea and apply it to my own music, only instead of lyrical wordplay it's with my guitar and it's an entire EP rather than a single verse or flow," says Ryan. "Though I was inspired by a number of musicians, I wrote largely based on what was getting to me inside. People were always telling me that I won't get anywhere with my music and shooting me down before they ever even heard me play. I used that in part to write "Done in a Day". I want to share my music with as many people as I can for as long as I can, and this should be a great start." Ryan Moore's "Done in a Day" EP hits stores May 27th, 2010. Be sure to give it a listen; perhaps his concrete influence and abstract inspiration could motivate you to do what you've wanted to. "Listening to the Interlude gives me chills down my spine, and I wrote it. I never knew my own music could inspire such a feeling inside of me. I'm hoping that it will inspire that feeling, or any feeling, with my listeners. I'm really proud of this album."

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Ryan Moore is an experimental guitar artist who focuses primarily on the wonderful ethereal sounds that he creates with his guitar. "I tend to multi-layer tracks and record everything from the ground up rather than write an entire song and then record it. I'm what you might consider an "improvisational artist", in that I don't really write anything. I record what I play and create a song out of it." He is inspired by a large variety of musical artists such as Buckethead, Boards of Canada, and local hip hop producer/MC Avant Guard, however he's more motivated by every day occurrences and abstract introspect rather than concrete musical influence. "The things I play mostly come from how I feel inside. Other people verbally express how they feel be it by song or prose or what have you, but I express myself through my guitar. I think a beautiful track with no lyrics offers a much closer, introspective look into the artist's feelings and mindset than does a lyric, and thus a very large portion of my music is entirely instrumental."