Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore


"I am Ryan Moore, and I am a guitarist. I focus my music entirely on instrumentation; I'm not one for lyrics. I play many instruments, but enjoy the sounds I create with my guitar most. Recording songs from the top of my head is my niche; I suppose I could be labeled as an 'improv artist'. Enjoy!"


Ryan Moore is an experimental guitar artist who focuses primarily on the wonderful ethereal sounds that he creates with his guitar. "I tend to multi-layer tracks and record everything from the ground up rather than write an entire song and then record it. I'm what you might consider an "improvisational artist", in that I don't really write anything. I record what I play and create a song out of it." He is inspired by a large variety of musical artists such as Buckethead, Boards of Canada, and local hip hop producer/MC Avant Guard, however he's more motivated by every day occurrences and abstract introspect rather than concrete musical influence. "The things I play mostly come from how I feel inside. Other people verbally express how they feel be it by song or prose or what have you, but I express myself through my guitar. I think a beautiful track with no lyrics offers a much closer, introspective look into the artist's feelings and mindset than does a lyric, and thus a very large portion of my music is entirely instrumental."

Set List

"Done in a Day" EP

1) Four Years Gone, Four Years Strong
2) Metro Detroit
3) Au Revois
4) Interlude
5) Serpentine
6) Mother and Friend
7) Witherto and Whyfor

"The Myspace Disc" - unreleased demo
1) The Silver Lining
2) This Somber Silence
3) Eros and Aphrodite
4) Keeping It Real