I am an independent female artist within the pop/rock genre. My music is compared most commonly to Evanescence, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, Cher, etc. My music video, iTunes, mass online marketing etc, are about to launch. I am currently in rehearsals with my band and tour dates will be announced soon.



Written By: Ryan, Alex Ball, Christian Dwiggins

Let me make it clear, how I’m gonna
Penetrate your mind, and I wanna
Drag you down alleys, never been so dark
Come on baby, you need me to spark

All your wildest dreams, all your fantasies
Take away your tragedy
Make you aware of how you make me feel
Take you for me and make your memory clear

Can you feel it comin’?
It’s rushin’ over me
The heat of my, the heat of my desire
And you know what I’m feeling
I’m only wanting you
I won’t control myself
I couldn’t even if I tried

Shy a little? Why? Can’t take the pressure?
Maybe more would be better
It’s up to you to make the beat feel good
Skip the finesse; you know what’s next

A little high, a little low
Baby, there’s nowhere to go
I want you all around me
Not going to breathe, until you


This could mean the end of hunger
Ease the pain I want no longer
You lips could breathe me life again
Take me away



Ryan- 5 song EP

Set List

45 min set
10 songs
Primarily originals, occasionally any of 99 covers that Ryan can call at anytime during the show.
Set List:
My Isolation
Turn Up the Beat
Autumn Falls
Say It to My Face
I Believe
Eyes Wide Open
Cry for You