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"If you couldn't tell by just looking at me, I'm a self-fullfilling prophecy. Somehow invalid now because I wasn't supposed to know I am supposed to happen, but I do so I'm revamping my definition. And it seems amorphous holds the best description..." -RyanNicole a.k.a RYE


When the word music comes to the mind of thoughtful “4A”: Actress, Athlete, Artist, Activist RyanNicole, it conjures memories of Panasonic headphones too big to fit her ears and vinyl records strewn across the living room floor of her childhood home in Oakland, CA. Raised on a healthy diet of diverse music ranging from Parliament to Flora Purim, Pat Metheny to Queen Latifah, RyanNicole’s approach to music is reverent to say the least.

“To tell the truth, I was always intimidated by the largeness of music; how it could impact a person’s feelings. I often wondered if I had the ability it do the same.” Being brought up in an extended family of seasoned musicians, RyanNicole remained silent and observant for many years until she immersed herself in an outlet for her voice through spoken word.

Coming of age in a time when hip-hop reigned supreme, the genre further refined her appreciation for sharp lyricism. Inspired by female emcees like Lauryn Hill, without denying the prowess of those like Lil Kim, RyanNicole offers a welcomed sexy intelligence to the game.

Feeling and filling a void for voices like hers, RyanNicole uses her experiences in leadership to craft a decadent narrative of self-reliance and accountability. The scholarship Track & Field athlete, pre-law graduate, final host of HotWater Cornbread's weekly open mic: Mouth Off, and former Executive Director of Youth Movement Records, humbly professes simple solutions to rampant ignorance in head-nodable morsels.

Her debut mixtape, entitled “Dis’onance: Vol. 1” audibly and metaphorically explores the concept of discord through a pop-culture lens [dissonance (n.) - lack of harmony between persons or things], and bears witness to the eerie attraction we all have to disharmony. Her most recent project "Nexus", with partner in rhyme, K.E.V. is an unabashed dedication to the souls of black folks. RyanNicole stays busy performing as an actress and emcee, recently playing “Ruth” to high acclaim, in the California Shakespeare Theater’s production of A Raisin In the Sun. Additionally, RyanNicole has opened for a wide array of artists and persons of influence, most notably President Barack Obama...enough said.

Never easy, yet highly digestible; even tasty: RyanNicole harvests a flavor for every palate, encouraging one to savor her offerings long after she’s left a stage. She is lasting, her words timeless and thick. RyanNicole is an instant classic, reviving artistry and industry in this modern era.



Written By: RyanNicole

Strap up your Tim’s, your Air Force 1’s and 2’s
Those shoes
Your A.I.’s, JD’s HyperFlights, and B-Boots
Strap up your Cortez, GBX, Chucks and Pro-Keds
Steve’s, Manolo’s, Aldo’s, Addida’s, and G-Units
Birkenstocks, sock’s, Pro-wing’s kid
Whatever’s going to get you there
Wear your Jimmy Choo’s, Prada boots
Those “Know you can’t afford,
Steel-toed, high-profile,
Who’re you trying to impress?
Best dressed, better than the rest
Priorities are a mess
Paradoxical, rank & file,
Want to be original but can’t break the mold, hold of the pile
Rather be out of loot than out of style
Should have been paying bills all the while”
Whatever you chose
Strap them up because we are making moves
We’re making moves from highlands to projects
Calling prospects to progress not digress
We are hard pressed for success and won’t rest until the best it met
We’re holding blocks like Kwikset do locks
Like lawsuits do cops
And we’re not planning to stop until we collectively reach the top!

So, rock them…
Reeboks, Nikes, and Asics
Karate kicks, ripper slippers, and Basics
It’s been 40 years since the sit-ins
Washington and Martin
We don’t need another million men marching thoughtless
Only to be consumers tomorrow bought and sold to the highest bidder
We don’t need to borrow another nickel from the baby-sitter credit union
We don’t need another sister moving into Section 8 housing units
With three kids and no thoughts of improvement
We don’t need another baby daddy shooting and not biting the bullet
Useless to his son, yet loyal to the streets
It’s foolish
We don’t need another rapper…
We don’t need another writer…
We don’t need another poet…
B’S-ing their way into stardom
Harming a generation of on-lookers
Validating the ignorance of one starving for a healing
We don’t need another chitlin’ circuit piling chicken sh*t to the ceiling
We’ve been entertained to the Nth degree
Now it’s time for some meaning!

So, clean up your…
Shell toes, Gucci’s, Pucci’s, and Louie’s
Your Coach canvas, Converse, Cathy’s, and K-Swiss
Because it’s going to be a long walk
And on that path I want to talk a little bit more about our leaders
I’m a little beleaguered about our need to continue believing in bereavement as a movement
Who called martyrdom a solution?
Dying is not proving much to the living
Except that giving up the ghost is the way to provoke the revolution
We reign in the politics of confusion
What sense does it make to honor a man after he’s died
Having worked his entire life to dissolve this exact illusion?
That we don’t deserve a life in the NOW
Only in the hereafter
Heaven lasts forever
The present is only a chapter
In a book we’ve remained too illiterate to read
We continue to sew, reap, and water the seeds of our own destruction
Cultivate and prune the same trees we swing from
Asking artists to dumb-down their lyrics so we can dance to it
(We say) Forget revolution, we want music
Something to romance to, shake our dreads, wave our hands to
We are two-stepping and going dumb right into Harrison Bergeron realities
And for some even the mention of this book is a conundrum
It’s just a mystery to me
That a history of an entire community can be summed up in a catch 22
Just think about it
Check the arithmetic:
Most “niggas” get 22-inch rims
To catch the eye of $1 worth of dimes
Equals 10 of something that can’t buy you anything but an minute in life
60 seconds
Minus the division
Equals 50 cents to “Get Rich or Die Trying”
Spending half the time lying
Equals 25 to subtract the triad you’re denying
The trinity
Inherent 3: Spirit, body, and mind
By design leaves apparent the
Catch 22
(100 / 10 = 10, 60 – 10 = 50 / 2 = 25 – 3 = 22)
New equation:
Worshipping this pimping system
We’ve been chiseled to fit in
Has left us Willie Lynching our way
Right into division
Forefathers into two faces equals one race in indecision
Booker T. or W.E.B.
Jessie or Cosby
Sugar coated victim stories or truth?
Can’t do the math if you tried to
But it’s about time you began to pull up by bootstraps

So, grab your…
Classics, Goodyear’s, Hirachi’s, and L.A. Gear’s
The truth is here
And though some fear it
Cry out when they feel it
The time is overdue to hear it
We’ve become too smart in our own minds for our own spirit’s wisdom
Don’t even listen when our souls call
Your savior is on the mainline
Pick up the phone y’all!
We’ve debated, delegated, delineated more roles than a Broadway play
It’s time to assume one
We’ve had more to say than two sisters having theirs
We’ve beg for shares of the American pie a little longer than I can stand
Don’t you understand your forty acres aren’t coming as a handout?
You are going to have to build you land-house
The mule as your transportation is old and outdated
And has been standing with his tail out in the cold
Since we foolishly celebrated OJ’s exoneration
That was not the justice this na


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***Several Features...

Set List

10 - 15 Minute Set:
For Colored Girls
(or alternate spoken word piece/medley)

20 - 25 Minute Set:
For Colored Girls
F- 'Em Girl Dress
UR Night

45min - 1 hour set:
The Past
For Colored Girls
Ego Tripping (cover: Nikki Giovanni)
She's Back
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