Ryan O'Reilly

Ryan O'Reilly

 London, England, GBR

Ryan O'Reilly grew up in the South of England, an area with strong connections to Thomas Hardy and Jane Austin, this along with his frequent travels across to Ireland where he studied poetry at UCD would prove to be the foundation of his unique lyrical style.


Ryan and his band formed in London and organically grew in style and in promise. They infused Ryan's lyrical ambitions with strong melodies and a subtle array of musical styles, from Irish folk to Americana and hymnal choral traditions. The band would gather in London's famous Markets and play their songs acoustically where they quickly gained a reputation and built a loyal fan-base that stretched across Europe. In 2011 the band toured Europe and had the idea that the fans would put on the shows themselves. The tours were a great success and enabled the band to record their first album at ToeRag studios (The White Stripes, Elephant) in Hackney, London.


Your Blood

Written By: Ryan O'Reilly

Framed there in the doorway
A portrait of despair
The wind brushes her fingers
The light crowns her hair
We closed the door to London
To sunset and to time
You said some of this is your blood
And some of this is mine
The fire burned to embers
To smoke and then to dust
You said I never thought I’d tell you
But now I really must
And the silence that descended
Across the snow so pure and fine
Proves some of this is your blood
And some of this is mine
It’s not my secret so I cannot tell you
She thinks I’m joking, maybe that’s ok
There are diamonds in the corners
Under stations on the trains
To steal them cures your hunger
But the famine still remains

The table cloth was spotless
Spoiled by a Spanish wine
Which reminded me of your blood
But tasted just like mine
It’s not my secret so I cannot tell you
She thinks I’m joking, maybe that’s ok
The air hung like a canopy
And tore apart like you and me
History’s a nightmare and the past is just a dream
The agony is endless
A sacrifice as old as time
You said what I have is your blood
What you need is mine

The Odyssey

Written By: Ryan O'Reilly

Of the ship that I was sailing there is not much I can tell
It was built by hand in Belfast from Southampton we set sail
And I stood up on the Bridge
My face pressed to the glass
With a sharp intake of breath I lost sight of you at last
We ran into some trouble after years away at sea
The battle was now over but that was not the end for me
My friends they all got scattered
Crushed and torn apart
You don’t stand a chance of swimming when you’re weighed down by your heart
Some women gave me shelter; some drew me to their breast
And offered me a sanctuary while I was chased out by the rest
But I always had to go
Was only passing through
I could never settle while I was coming home to you
I’ve been loved and been imprisoned have seduced and been deceived
That you would still be waiting I have never not believed
Oh but you are like a siren
Men gather all around
But I will seal their fate if they’re there when I hit town
Because love it is a precious thing, to lose it is a sin
So when I come back to find you don’t waste a second let me in
I know that I am older
I suppose I must have changed
But we can put in order what the years have rearranged

Haunted and Blue

Written By: Ryan O'Reilly

You have been waiting for someone for so long,
God show you mercy; I’ll show you none.
Blindly in sodden light the peat-smelling wooden room
Feeling it can’t be right to do what we do
She remarked my condition
Like a desperate affliction
Drank wine ‘til she cried
Ran through Brixton alone.
Maybe I could have gone too
I could have followed you
Watch the lights in the trees
Sway haunted and blue
You can’t always go back it’s hard just to keep on
Two roads converge I can't take either one
Desperate routines, disastrous promises
She turned her back and I knew it was wrong.
I dreamed I was with her
Her head on my shoulder
We’re divided by dreams
That are both in the past
Maybe I could have followed you
You could have stayed still too
But the die quickly sets
And its stain’s sure to last
The boxes are empty and lining the hallway
No one says goodbye they always leave in the night.
You cannot fake real love, I’ve tried hard believe me
It’s as plain as a scar that cuts left to right
Outside the theatre
I couldn’t help but see her
Her eyes always searching
Her dress to the floor
She had no religion
I had that, an addiction
I wanted it all
I got it and more
Maybe I could have gone too
I could have followed you
But if I’d have followed you
Would you just keep walking through
All the lights in the trees
Swaying haunted and blue


2010 - Live At The Half Moon LP

2011 - Emily EP
('John Keats' & 'Emily' played on BBC Radio 6 Music)

2011 - Live in the Studio EP

2012 - The Blighted Apple LP
('Your Blood' played on 6 Music Roundhouse Sessions White Stripes tribute show)