Ryan Powers Boyle

Ryan Powers Boyle

 Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

Ry’an Pow’ers Boy’le n. 1. A unique act blending sound, film, and animation in a way never before attempted in popular music. 2. An eclectic union of indie folk rock, lyrical poetry, and apposite mysticism. 3. A musically philosophical reinterpretation of everyday life.


Ryan Powers Boyle is a walking conradiction.

For instance, the musician with indie rock’s most profound live show wants you to think he’s just like everyone else. He’d like you to believe he fits snugly into the current indie scene, love to convince you he perfectly matches the mold stamped by today’s It band, be thrilled to persuade you that he’s in line to follow in the steps of this generation’s greats, spinning their ideas and achievements into footholds upon which to lead the next wave of indie musicians forward.

But no, he’s not any of those things -- he’s Ryan Powers Boyle, and he’s putting the ‘independent’ back into indie music, whether he’d prefer it that way or not.

Ryan is all about lyrics, and though the indie-folk-rock artist from St. Petersburg, Florida’s poetic songwriting style is sometimes at odds with today’s sonic-driven timbre of the mainstream indieverse, he is intent on carving out a Ryan Powers Boyle-sized niche in which to hang his hat.

Part Conor Oberst and part David Bowie, Ryan falls on Indie 2010 ears in much the same manner as Khalil Gibran did to 1923 readers with the publication of his mystical, poetic, and mold-shattering The Prophet -- a touch out of step with his contemporaries, yet possessing of an undeniable beauty and timelessness readily perceptible in the work.

Ryan’s 2010 self-titled concept album (July 20, Far and Away Records) tells the story of a man living through ten chapters of life, and set to music many of the musician’s observations on living, spirituality, and personal narrative. Though Ryan Powers Boyle was well-received by fans and critics alike, Ryan aimed to take the effort a step further this fall, announcing the It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange film project, in which Ryan enlisted a host of talented filmmakers and animators from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind visual component to the music album.

Set to premiere in St. Petersburg on October 14 as part of a 200-date North American tour, It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange is comprised of ten short films and will play concurrent with Ryan’s musical performances as part of his live show. Already creating a heady buzz online, It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange and Ryan Powers Boyle have been covered by the likes of Rock and Roll Report, GeekTyrant, MusicRemedy, AltSounds, and many others.

Check out ryanpowersboyle.com/film for more information on It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange and its contributing filmmakers.


The Cell

Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

Wait inside the voice replied, I sit.
Not denied, but sterilized, it fits.
So I sit and feel the motor’s starts and fits,
Slither toward undertaking, life insists.
Life insists.

The ills I’ve wrought, perils I’m frought ferment.
Expose them one by one until I’m spent.
But time for lumination came and went,
More time for rumination all I get.
It’s all I get.

The choice I made to carry on,
in spite of all of this.
I make again with every breath
each echo drawn within.

A fight to the win the very heart
I now profess to know.
On loan from force superior,
to fend from force below.

The time arrived to set my mind and leave.
Forgive my losses now without bereave.
I’ve held on far too long on gifts received.
Visions over horizon left unseen.
Still left unseen.

And with each day, another chance,
to vindicate myself.
My penance paid, a little saved,
Buy my way from this cell.

With tomorrow comes new occasion
To act on what I know
Like metal shaving magnetized
will draw me to my home.

I seek a freedom from myself
that keeps me locked inside
Competing forces battling
and me no place to hide.

The thought occurs to me right now
My one shot to be free,
to lead the charge, with cannon fire
And God hope peace bequeathed.

It's All So Beautiful, It's All So Strange

Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

Time, it tells us when to begin.
When to end endeavor on this earthly spin.
When to wake up, when to die,
Appointments made, a scripted life.

The moment comes, the moment goes.
Tethered time and it’s onward flow.
The moment burns it all away
A nothing lost, everything gained.

It holds us,
and it molds us.

It’s all so beautiful, and it’s all so strange.
We cry for meaning through the blinding pain.
Then the moment’s over, and you feel alright.
Just a shooting star in the night.

Love, it seems is everything,
the grass we lay on, the thoughts we sing.
But there are times, love pulls away
the everything that lights the day.

And it pains us,
remakes us.

And it’s so damn beautiful, this...this pain.
Cuts the deepest hollow to fill up with rain.
Life’s almost over even before it began.
A perfect blade of grass in the sand.

Rain clouds part.
The moment stops.
No, I’m not gonna give up right now.
No, I’m never gonna stop.

It’s all so beautiful, it’s all so strange.
We keep on walking we must be insane.
But a deeper meaning, I just cannot fight.
Shake the hand painting clouds in the sky.

And it’s all so beautiful, it’s all so strange.
This great experience of love and pain.
for a moment’s beauty that will never die.
Just a shooting star....a million
shooting stars in the night.


Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

I wait now outside at the end of the rope,
pulling you up by your mistletoe.
Drinking you in as I try to hide
my eyes from giving away my desire.

We’re moving away from the well-worn path --
back roads and alleys, and cattle cars, and
footsteps and hand claps, and pats on the back
to shake us awake from our holy wars.

And we never saw it, never knew what to say
when the wind from the water had frozen our throats.
And all along, we practiced the way
that we’d tell them when it became yesterday.

The trumpets were called for the memorial;
they lined up to lend us their harmony.
The ground rose up as we parted ways,
all sipping our delicious ironies.

A bittersweet moment, but ain’t that the way?
Well, the best ones at least, but you already know that.
And all along, we heard the men say
they’d be drinking until it was yesterday.

Let yesterday come, like the morning will,
then it’s all said and done, and we’ve had our fill.

If it’s right then it’s right and tomorrow will lead us,
the dusk never dawning on yesterday’s needless
fight...ing a fight fought forever and then some.
We’ll be buying us back with a grandchild’s ransom.

We’re all overrun with self interest and
the moment has come to acknowledge it.

A better man told us to plan for the winter.
Now the grounds frozen solid, not even a hint of
the dawn coming after the darkest, how they say.
Just walking a line down a hallway to

A Girl and a World

Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

Once went on
a cruise in the Caribbean Sea
with my father.
In the parking lot on the way in,
I saw this girl
with the most beautiful legs I had ever seen.

That night I saw a girl and I said, “Hey,”
and asked her if she’d go for a walk
away from all the noise we went just as friends,
never a thought lent to anything less.

And I never even noticed that she was the same
girl from before,
‘til she rolled up her jeans and I saw those legs again.

She lived far away, but we fell in love anyway.
She introduced me to many things, she did.
Thoughts and ideas that paved the way to who I am today.

You asked me
to see things from a more mysterious place
than I was accustomed.
The expression life takes on, when
you must let go
of what you think you know.

The walls all
fall away, replaced by longing here to see what could be.
Explore this
part of life that can lead you to
meet a girl
and discover a world.

And I could not be more grateful to you, my friend,
just for having
had the chance to know you, and be around you.

I hope I can say that without you misunderstanding me,
but you know me too well...well, you did.
Thank you my friend,
thank you for being you.

Chapel of Love

Written By: Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector, (changes to original by Ryan Powers Boyle)

Spring is here, the sky is blue,
birds all sing, as if they knew.
Today’s the day, we’ll say I do.
And we’ll never be lonely anymore.

Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.
Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.
Don’t know if I love you, but we’re gonna get married.
Going to the chapel of love.

Bells would ring, the sun would shine.
I’d be yours, you’d be mine.
We could’ve loved ‘til the end of time,
but that moment is gone forever.

Now I’m going to the chapel and I’m gonna get married.
Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get married.
I don’t know if she loves me, but I’m gonna get married.
Going to the chapel of love.

Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.
Going to the chapel, oh baby...
I wish you could’ve loved me and we could’ve been married.
Going to the chapel of love.

I Can See

Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

Love, I had forgotten your taste.
Been so long, your memory erased.
Trapped under fire for so long,
sat waiting for the water you bring.

But now that you’ve come again,
after so many years,
I remember the fragrance that you wear,
and the willingness that you bring with you.

Your eyes all ablaze,
penetrating through the surface.
Shattering the notions I’ve made
to get me through this without you.

My friend, why do you desert me?
I bat an eye and you wander away.
My only wish is your presence be worthy,
what will it take for you to stay?

But now you’re with me again.
Please sit and stay awhile, my good friend.
Relax now, relax now, be at peace.
Truth’s I’ve never left you, don’t you see?

Truth, I had let go of your hand,
tossed away, lying crumpled on damp ground.
Forgotten the need to understand
why to listen for the stillness in your sound.

Life lived and lessons learned,
experience has shown me the value,
the virtue, the necessity of truthful refrain.
Dare I say I know now what not to?

Indeed, the guidance comes now more readily,
and myself, more sure of the voice.
The options once proved overwhelming
now narrowed, and clearer of choice.

Diamond-hard like the lives of our fathers,
whisper-quiet, like the drizzle of rain,
a gentle nudge shuffling into awareness,
without question I move forward again.

But now you’re with me again.
Let’s reminisce awhile, my good friend.
Relax now, relax now, be at peace.
You’re never without me, can’t you see?

God, I had forgotten your face,
time spent creeping in and through the shadows.
Mired in dim-lit confusion,
ear bent down toward the pull from below.

But rather than bumble along,
picked a point on horizon to strive.
Now I see that this progress of motion
stirs the wind keeping hope’s breath alive.

I seek that which in us is eternal,
laying deep as we stumble along.
Discovering ourselves beings universal.
Wander back to the what we come from.

Worthy are my lips numb from begging.
Restore me...deliver, deliver.
Who is he I cry out to to change me?
What great man has this power but me?

But now you’re with me again.
Let’s walk awhile, my good friend.
Relaxed now, relaxed now...yes, I am peace.
I was never abandoned, I can see.


Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

Stand here for now.
Step, getting warmer.
Somehow, got to find a way.
Don’t know how I’ll go another day.

Uncertainty gripping,
my grasp on things slipping,
can’t walk away now, no,
drenched forehead, sweat dripping.

I’m quite sure I don’t
know the best way to proceed.
A little faith, a little time,
a little love, that’s all I need.

A path, I have chosen.
Stepped away, platform’s safety.
Right now, leave this doubt behind,
can’t see how I’ll walk this tightrope line.
The rope isn’t strong enough,
just hope hope lasts long enough
to bring me there.

Uncertainty gripping,
my grasp on things slipping.
Can’t walk away now, no,
drenched forehead, sweat dripping.

Goddam sure I don’t know the best way
to proceed.
A little faith, a little time, a little love,
that’s all I need.

The way, often rocky,
my sight, so unclear.
Decisions, all abounding,
resolution, so near.

Once so hard just to face it,
now truth’s crystal clear.
I can see with granite certainty
these uncertainties that I fear.
Yes, I perceive with diamond clarity
these obfuscations here.

Fret right and left
whether choice was really best.
If maybes burned by choice today
are forever lost or thrown away.

But false is that one-leap notion,
all rivers lead to ocean,
they all lead here.

Uncertainty gripping,
my grasp on things slipping.
Can’t walk away now, no,
drenched forehead, sweat dripping.

There’s rarely just one single best way
to proceed.
A little faith, a little time, a little love,
that’s all I need.

Through This Life

Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

Through this life I wander,
forever searching for peace.
Through this soul I’m searching,
for you, please...

This path I’m walking,
deserving I wish myself to be.
But here I am, in darkness,
all alone -- just you and me.

From this place where I sit,
how it all appears.
Rough terrain my fellows crossing.
Many wounds, many tears.

All stumbling together,
all tangled up in brush.
All caught up, ensnarled are we,
too dark to see.

Pushing harder and harder,
stronger and stronger, to go
farther and farther,
just to stand still.

But along came this light
to illuminate what was night.
(what a sight)
And I see.

How it all really is,
how we’re all really
all right.

Just remember, my friends,
just surrender, my friends,
and the journey begins tonight.

I surrender, my friends,
I surrender my love,
and the journey begins now.

A Matter of Miles

Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

A woman
begged a ride from a man.
step home, and
this woman
was with child.
She was due anytime,
just a matter of miles.

She volunteered to the man,
“I’ve got something to say.
I didn’t mention it before
‘cause I needed a way home.
I think I’m about to give birth
to this secret inside.”
He said, “It’s a long way to town;
it’s a matter of miles.”

His gaze fell to the rear,
drawn in by here eyes.
Though his visage like stone,
she could swear he was smiling.
The girl held her breath,
unsure what to come.
But the man merely nodded
and pulled of from the road.

Quietly, he prepared.
wordlessly, she looked on.
In the sight she drew confidence,
loosed fears to move on.
Something in his manner --
a peace to this son --
gifted here to this mother
as her labor begun.

A wave,
and she stifled a cry
at the image
of a wrong deep inside.
The certainty of disaster
intensified with the pain.
Desperation overcame her.
She surrendered to prayer.

She begged ‘til she couldn’t
wring further a sound
Crumpled in helplessness,
in vulnerability she drowned.
A feeling welled up in her chest,
and she knew she’d been heard.
And an outcome directed
for better or worse.

The woman’s breath quickened
and she knew it was time.
A child’s cry pierced the moonlight,
blood trickled down her thigh.
She called for the baby,
relief thick on her breath.
The man whispered quietly,
while the child, she wept.

“These gifts we are given,
so often ignored,
Granted before desire breaches insight,
before mercy is implored.

“Unbeknownst to us,
this loving hidden here.
Wedged between the everything we ache for,
and the nothingness we fear.

“My friends, don’t you know me?
Throw open your fickle eye...
can’t you see in me the same
you prayed to save him?

“Are you blind to the divine?”

She looked up,
a sun raining through his eyes.
And the moonlight trickling earthward,
but a shadow of his smile.
All of life, in an instant.
Every moment, like a game.
Every plea we make for
light to beckon homeward,
stands before us a flame.

Far and Away

Written By: Ryan Powers Boyle

Living here, breathing now,
attention set on my goals.
Far and away they lie...
Yet they surround me.
Still, they surround me.

Far and away,
past the moon and stars.
Beyond space, past time they lie...
Out of mind.
Out of mind.

Far and away
the time has come to let it through, now.
Transition swift, the moment beckoning,
I can see.
Let me see.

Beyond wrong, beyond good,
long before the past, far past the future.
Far and Away.

Yet, I’ve got it all today.


October 2010 - It's All So Beautiful, It's All So Strange (DVD)
July 2010 - Ryan Powers Boyle (self-titled LP)
2006 - Now or Never (EP)

Set List

A Ryan Powers Boyle show is a multimedia production featuring a 10-song set and a 1.25-hour film.