Ryan Price

Ryan Price


An Acoustic Alchemist


Ryan Price, “An Acoustic Alchemist” is a singer/songwriter/guitarist that blends the styles of Folk, Rock, Blues and Americana with a dark intensity and naked honesty. This Seattle native combines his influences that include Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne, Ben Harper, Neil Young and Jeff Buckley along with his own approach to create his intense songs and defining sound.

Ryan is a versatile musician’s musician. Not only does Ryan play guitar, sing and write songs, but he also is proficient on mandolin, bass, slide guitar, piano, banjo as well as engineering and producing. Ryan’s knowledge of both performing and recording gives him a refined and mature foundation. This enables him to write, perform and record powerful songs that are emotional, memorable and enduring.

Ryan is taking the presence of his creativity and versatility beyond his music and bringing it to charity as well. 25% of this album will be donated to a non profit organization that supports the environment. Ryan is truly showing his commitment to his music and his career as well as to an honorable commitment to a cause that he believes in.

The yet untitled release from Ryan Price is a Freedom Solutions Recording Plan (FSRP) Album, meaning it is being created through a process that saves the artist money by taking budgeting and planning to the next step. The plan, developed by Loren Weisman, relies on the artist willingness to invest the time needed in to their project to maintain the control of their music and their career.

The artist gives a percentage to a charity or organization they believe in while in turn raise the funds from donors or investors to avoid the pitfalls of industry control. This process allows a clear plan from start to finish, from preproduction to release and the whole process by empowering the artist with the knowledge, the tools and the skills to become self sustaining and self sufficient.

To find out more about Ryan's coming album or to donate please email ryanpricemusic (at) gmail.com



Debut album released December 2006.
Entitled "Time is a Healer"

Set List

I've been playing 2 hour sets lately, with mostly originals and a few covers thrown in to keep the crowd interested. I think that its been quite successful lately.