Ryan Racine & Gas For Less

Ryan Racine & Gas For Less

 Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

Ryan Racine and Gas For Less play original country and rock 'n' roll bringing the Bakersfield CA traditions to the stages of Detroit MI. Heartache never sounded so fun.


Ryan Racine started playing around the Ann Arbor and Metro-Detroit area at the age of 15, as the frontman for the popular rockabilly outfit LUCKY HASKINS. Known for their energetic live performances and ability to pack a dance floor, they received high praise and opened for legends like Carl Perkins and performed at the 1995 Detroit Music Awards.

After a few years as a side-man in a number of groups most notably the irish-punk band MOGUE DOYLE, and a stint in New York City, Ryan has returned as a frontman with his newest project GAS FOR LESS. Returning to his rockabilly roots, the new sound drags along the country, bluegrass, punk, rock and honky-tonk he's picked up over the last thirteen years.

Gas For Less includes seasoned veterans of the Michigan music scene, delivering 'Premium Grade' Honky-Tonk Twang, and Hillbilly Shuffle.
While paying homage to traditional Country the band steers clear of being just a 'retro act'.


Low Life

Written By: Ryan Racine

I'll be living the low life
I'll have nothing to live up to with you gone.
In the cold, dark corners of the sad night,
I'll be living the low life from now on.

I never knew the kind of high that I was on.
I guess you don't know what you've got until it's gone
Heartbreak is an understatement, my fate is the darkest basment.
I suppose there's nothing left to lose.


When I held you I held a rare and precious thing.
The wealth in you is more than any price could bring.
I've gone from a prince to a poor man, I've lost everything for sure man.
I repeat there's nothing left to lose.

©2010 R.Racine


Low Life Vol. 1 EP
Low Life Vol. 2 EP

Set List

Ryan Racine focuses on original music, although the band's repertoire contains nearly three hours of traditional country, honky-tonk, and rockabilly. Covering artists such as Merle Haggard, George Jones, Johnny Cash, and Elvis, they also dig into some Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Social Distortion and the occasional Guns N Roses tune.