Ryan Van Slooten

Ryan Van Slooten


My music is very personal and honest. It's important to me that people identify with the songs and get something out of it.


As long as I can remember music has played a major role in my life, whether it be as a fan or as a musician myself. I was a band nerd from 4th grade right on up to the day I graduated in 1997. I played percussion and loved it. It was great being in the back banging on things watching all the parts come together in front of me. It was around my senior year when I discovered the guitar and I haven't put it down since.
I started a band when I got to college and even went to Music Tech in Minneapolis for awhile as a songwriting/guitar major.
Throughout all the band breakups, formation of new bands, shows, school, and all the other distractions, writing and playing songs has always been my escape. No matter what is going on in my life, there is always music to make things easier.
My influences are quite varied. I am a huge fan of acts like Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, and Ben Folds but the man I admire the most is Bruce Springsteen. No one makes you believe it more than the Boss. If you need some inspiration, look no further. On the other end of the spectrum, I love how fun and sometimes ridiculous music can be so I am a big 80's fan. I love hair metal and some of the new wave stuff. As classic bands go, it gets no better than Led Zeppelin, they kept me up in my room jamming for hours and hours a day when I first started playing. I still love playing their songs.
I am a firm believer in listening to all styles of music and opening your mind to something different.
My goal in playing and writing music is connection. I want people to understand where I'm coming from and identify with it in their own lives. Having the ability to create music is one of the greatest gifts a person could have and I'm humbled to have such a talent.
When I'm not playing solo, I also have a band called the SuperTacks. We are a hard rock band that kind of goes where the spirit moves us. Some songs sound like the Foo Fighters, other songs sound like Queens of the Stone Age. You can check us out at: www.thesupertacks.com or www.myspace.com/thesupertacks.
Or check me out at: www.ryanvanslooten.com or www.myspace.com/vanslooten


No Heroes Among Thieves

Written By: Ryan Van Slooten

If the streets were lined with gold
Then all your debts would all be paid
They'll try and tell you
That they've always been that way
Illusions aren't just for suckers
When plans are carefully displayed
Don't feel too foolish
When you're loyalty is betrayed
It's not your soul that turned and can't be saved

Don't turn your head in disbelief
There's no heroes here among these thieves
They call us all to our knees
There's no heroes here among all these thieves

Burning money up like it's nothing
Giving more to those with wealth
Ignore the hungry, anyone who needs their help
On their thrones they rule the kingdom
That the people all have built
We are the burden of a richer man's own guilt
Theirs is a void no honest man could fill


Written By: Ryan Van Slooten

November rains slowly turn to snow
Reminds me of this place I used to know
In my room I'd sit and I'd look out
Playing songs as it came drifting down

The world seems so still, for a moment in time it's just me through my window sill

A sense of peace comes over me from somewhere
Blankets down and covers up all my fears
As they fall I can't help but watch them dance
Swept away in a long and hypnotic trance

Repeat Chorus

November rains slowly turn to snow
Tucked away to watch this day unfold
Window is cold I can feel it with my touch
But today I hope it won't let up


Written By: Ryan Van Slooten (the SuperTacks)

Give the impression, you keep the animal inside of you caged
Under the pressure, the bars are bending and they're gonna break
If you want to scream you better let it out
If you want to scream you better let it out
Gonna turn up your jets enough to make you sweat

Give the cold shoulder to inhibitions leave you wantin' more
Feel the sensation, take you places you've never been before
If you want to scream you better let it out
If you want to scream you better let it out
Gonna turn up your jets enough to make you sweat

Feel the explosion, knocks you on your back looking up at the sky
Your heart is pumping, enough adrenaline to get you high
If you want to scream you better let it out
If you want to scream you better let it out
Gonna turn up your jets enough to make you sweat


Up Until Now EP (2003)
Don't Forget to Write (2007) available at:

Set List

My typical set list is about 2 hours long, primarily my own songs with several covers ranging from Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen to Ween and so on.