Ryan Vegh

Ryan Vegh


A Christian singer, hoping to sing songs that glorify God, clearly present the gospel, and show Biblical truths, so that many who are not saved will become saved and those who are already saved will be edified and encouraged.

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Second Chances

Written By: Ryan Vegh

So many times, I slip up,
Whether the fault is large or small
Doubt seeps in and causes me to fear
And all too often I give in

But God in mercy stretches out His hand to me
And in His grace, He picks me up and sets me free,
Gives me another chance to be what He's called me to be
- A humble servant serving in the likeness of Christ


I thank the Lord for second chances!
I thank God for forgiveness!
Oh how wonderful His grace,
Oh how sweet His mercy!
Oh how I love... second chances!

Sometimes it'd be so great to freeze time for just a little while
To give my mind a chance to think
But I know that God is faithful!
He won't let us be tempted above what we're able.
He'll provide a way to escape.

So, by His grace, I'll trust His Word and cast aside my evil thoughts
Of doubt and worry and fear
Yet still in those times when I shy away from where I should be...


In Thee, O Lord

Written By: Ryan Vegh

Sometimes we struggle,
Sometimes we fear,
Sometimes the answer
To our problems isn't clear,
Sometimes our hearts are heavy,
Sometimes we're feeling sad,
And everything
Just seems to go bad

But in these times of desperation,
We can depend upon the Lord
He is with us to the very end
So I declare...


In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust
Deliver me from all the evil in this world
In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust
I will hope continually
And praise you more and more

Sometimes we are lonely
And so afraid
Wondering if somehow
We're not really saved
Sometimes we are nervous,
Sometimes we're confused,
Thinking that in the end
We'll hear bad news

But I will hope in Jesus Christ
He has paid for me and you
All we must do is put our trust in Him
And what He has done...

(Chorus, Instrumental, Chorus)

And praise you more and more and more...

In All Things

Written By: Ryan Vegh

Verse 1:

How can this be? What's this I see?
Here before me lie the pieces of my shattered reality.
My thoughts and plans torn from my hands,
And in their place the unknown menacingly stands.


Yet Jesus with care held me in my despair.
It was as if He reminded me there...


In all things, I am working for your good.
Nothing could ever separate you from my love.
Though trials and troubles may come,
I am working for your good...
In all things.

Verse 2:

Peacefully I awake upon a new day;
The thoughts of God's promises carry me on my way.
Yet quickly I see those in Christ who are in need
So I try to come to some to get them to see...


In all things, God is working for their good.
Nothing could ever separate them from His love.
Though trials and troubles may come,
God is working for their good...
In all things.


And in all things we can trust His Holy Word;
Don't give in to this evil world 'cause God is faithful
And He is working for your good...
In all things... In all things.