Ryan Young

Ryan Young

 Austin, Texas, USA

Ryan is an accomplished guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He is a versatile artist, with the ability to play solo or with a full band, and his music ranges from rock to country to soul. A unique musician.


***New album 'White Citrus' is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and most digital retail outlets. ***

White Citrus, the second studio LP from Ryan Young, is an eclectic collection of ten songs ranging from greasy Southern rock to front porch Americana. The album is Ryan's follow-up to 2006's well-received debut LP, Seven Suburban Spirituals. A multi-instrumentalist based in Austin, Texas, and a songwriter at heart, Ryan Young creates music that is heavily rooted in blues-inspired melodies with a familiar, vibrant diversity. That diversity is on display with his new album, White Citrus. Recorded in Ryan's own Suite 2E studio, the album swings, twangs, grooves, and rocks. Sometimes all in the same song.

"I wanted to make a guitar album. Something that wasn't over the top in terms of technique or showmanship, but more of a return to just really good playing. I'm a guitarist by trade and I feel like there's quite a void in popular music for guitar-oriented songs. Plus, I got to work with two of my absolute favorite players in Scott Clark and Daniel Sproul!" - Ryan Young, on the driving force behind White Citrus.

However focused Ryan was on the guitar, he never lost sight of the most important thing - the song. "I firmly believe that a good song always wins. I always try to start with a song on just an acoustic guitar. Can it stand alone completely naked - just guitar and vocal? If it can't, then something's wrong." White Citrus is ten individual songs, each with their own style and identity, that somehow form a whole which is truly representative of Ryan's sound. It's unique, just like him. From the coming-of-age tale in "By The Neon Lights" to the strained populism of "Dollar Bills", nothing is off-limits to Ryan. "My musical tastes are all over the place, so it only seems right that my music would be as well. I love mixing styles, and especially ones that may not be familiar together. That's usually when the interesting things start happening."

Before moving to Austin, Ryan gained experience playing in the Dallas, Louisiana, and Colorado music scenes. He has shared the stage with such national acts as Galactic, Vernon Reid (Living Colour) and Rose Hill Drive. A true DIY artist in practice and spirit, Ryan booked himself on a midwest/Colorado tour in 2006 culminating in an appearance at Diversafest in Tulsa, OK, where he was selected as a showcasing artist and chosen to lend a track to the festival compilation cd. A versatile artist, Ryan can perform in just about any setting - solo, duo, or full band - and has performed at such venerable Austin venues as Antone's, Stubb's, Momo's, and the Saxon Pub.

The majority of 2009 was spent in the studio, with Ryan seeing White Citrus through to completion, as well as producing sessions for a broad range of Texas artists, playing many private events, and even performing weekly at an evening church service. It's not uncommon for Ryan to record some screaming lead guitar, croon a few Willie Nelson tunes, and perform a Bach piece all in the same weekend!

Currently, Ryan is playing shows in and around Austin. He and his band, the Five Fifths, just returned from a successful Southern tour and are preparing to hit the road again in the summer.

Please visit www.ryanyoungmusic.com for more information.



Written By: Ryan Young

Here I am, waiting to stand in line again
And what a burden it will be
when I have to choose from all these people who look like me
-nameless, faceless-

So bring me a genius, bring me a priest
bring me everyone who's ever fallen down on their knees
Lord, at night and prayed, prayed, prayed
Still nothing ever went away
'Cause we all got our bills to pay
And everybody owes someone
Ain't it a lovely view from under their thumb?

And it doesn't take long for that feeling to be gone
If you let it go, so you better hold on

You can throw it all back on me and say that I'm the problem
And I'll agree, but I still can't stay away
'Cause we all got our bills to pay
And we all get our day in the sun
Our one shining moment and then we're done

And it doesn't take long for that feeling to be gone
If you let it go, so you better hold on
And there's gonna come a time
When your words, they won't rhyme
And your lights won't shine
Quite like they used to

Back when you thought you had it good

By the Neon Lights

Written By: Ryan Young

Driving north from New Mexico
with a front seat full of cash, an empty suitcase on the floor
And it's not like me to just up and leave
But when you've got to go, you know
As I saw a few things I've never seen before

I go to bed early, but I stay up late
As the wind howls on the tin roof outside my window
'Cause we had that talk tonight
as we stood there by the neon lights

for what felt like the first time

And I'm scared of what I don't know
but aren't we all
Too many times, there's too much pride
too much selfish pride for me to see for myself

So here I go, back to New Mexico
for what feels like the last time
And I sure hope it's the last time
'cause I need to begin again with my life

When you're banking on a saint, to come your way
All you can do is wait
And if you live your life like it's some kind of charade
The best you can do is wait


White Citrus - 2010
Spend, Spend, Spend EP - 2009
Whiplash Ballroom (Taylor Vieger) - 2008
Loose Leaves EP (2007)
Seven Suburban Spirituals - 2006
Fancy Trash EP - 2002

Set List

Very flexible; Can accomodate set lengths from 30 minutes up to a maximum of 4 hours; Solo, trio, or 4 piece;

I Got Me a ....
By the Neon Lights
Crickets in the Soap
Sea of Green
November Blues
Dollar Bills
Promise of Sleep
Not My Love
Half Past Ten

Layla - Eric Clapton
Your Song - Elton John
Ballad of Spider John - Willis Alan Ramsey
Melissa - Allman Brothers
Pancho and Lefty - Townes Van Zandt
Harvest/Harvest Moon - Neil Young
the Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
California Stars - Wilco and Billy Bragg
You Ain't Going Nowhere - Bob Dylan with the Band
Friend of the Devil - Grateful Dead
Come Monday - Jimmy Buffet
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
New Slang - the Shins
Everyday - Buddy Holly
Tequila Sunrise - the Eagles
Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones
Blackbird/Norwegian Wood/Let it Be - the Beatles
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty
She Talks to Angels - the Black Crowes
The Night The