Ryan Sherman

Ryan Sherman



Independent guitarist Ryan Sherman began playing at the age of 11 in his hometown of Hartland, Michigan. A member of several local bands, Ryan’s musical talent was first tested on the neighborhood bar circuit. After graduating from high school, Ryan was accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, Ryan honed his skills under the mentorship of the some of the best guitarists in the world. In the fall of 2003, Ryan decided to further his career by moving to Los Angeles to attend the Guitar Craft Academy at Musicians Institute. After receiving his Luther’s certificate, Ryan built guitars for several companies, including Fender and Don Grosh Custom Guitars.

As it turns out, moving to LA proved to be fortuitous for Ryan’s music as well; it was here where he first began experimenting with acoustic sounds. Inspired by the virtuosity of guitarists such as Michael Hedges, Keller Williams, and Tim Reynolds, Ryan sought to expand his musical horizons. He began using a loop station, which makes it possible to layer several tracks on top of one another in a live setting. This way, Ryan can achieve the sound of a full band, even while playing solo. To complete his unique sound, Ryan employs various other effects, which add depth and complexity to the music.

Playing to rapt audiences at such ubiquitous LA venues as The Derby, The Pig n' Whistle, The Scene, and Club Good Hurt, Ryan has begun to develop a loyal following. It may be hard to categorize his genre-defying sound, but Ryan Sherman’s music is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Check it out for yourself.


Blurred Vision-2005
Live @ Franklin House-2006

Set List

2 Hours of original material
Various covers. Herbie Hancock,Pachelbel,Outkast,Temptations......