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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"UMFF Music Video Competition"

This year we have two categories of diverse music videos from around the world: (1) Signed Artist and (2) Unsigned Artist. The music videos in competition during the UMFF 2006 include:
A Change Is Gonna Come — Johnnie Proby, Artist (Douglasville, Georgia)
By Any Means — Rychessmen, Artist(Los Angeles, California
Closet Freak — Cee Lo, Artist; Brian Beletic, Director (Atlanta, Georgia)
Criminal Mind — Maestro F. Infinite and Gowan, Artists; Skin, Director (Toronto, Canada)
Don't Let the Man Get You Down — Fatboy Slim, Artist; Brian Beletic, Director (England, United Kingdom)
Get Your Hustle On — Juvenile, Artist; Ben Mor, Director (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Gone But Not Forgotten — Hypnotik, Artist; Ray Parris, Director (Miami, Florida)
Hip Hop — Dead Prez, Artist; Brian Beletic, Director (New York, New York)
I'm Hott — Jassasin featuring Janaya Black; Rockey Black, Director (Westland, Michigan)
Just A Moment — NAS featuring Quan, Artists; Ben Mor, Director (New York, New York)
Krupa — Apollo 440, Artist; James Brown, Director (London, England)
Let's Push Things Forward — The Streets, Artist; Eidur Snorri, Director (West Heath, Birmingham, England)
Livin' in the Ghetto — Duece Deep, Artist; Teddy P. Ellis, Director (Orlando, Florida
Make A Move — Hanifah Walidah, Artist; Olive Demetrius, Director (Brooklyn, New York)
No Progress — Undadogg, Artist; Skin, Director (Toronto, Canada)
Planet Hip Hop — Snypa, Artist; Skin, Director (Toronto, Canada)
R.E.L.volution — Antonio Reljerell Howard featuring G.G., Artists (Huntsville, Alabama)
Ridin' in My Cadillac — Siyani featuring Franklin Roberts, Artists; George "Jig" Louden, Director (Richmond, Virginia)
The Blues Are Still Blue — Belle and Sebastian, Artists; Jonnie Ross, Director (United Kingdom)
Tiki Dat — Derrick Irie, Artist (Detroit, Michigan)
U Don't Know Me — T.I., Artist; Ben Mor, Director (Atlanta, Georgia)
Understand If I — Eternia, Artist; Skin, Director (Toronto, Canada)
Waitin' For My Season — G-Dinero, Artist; Gabriel E. Hart, Director (Atlanta, Georgia)
What Cha Luv Ma — J-Deago, Artist (Detroit, Michigan)
Wuz Up — Bohagon, Artist (Atlanta, Georgia) - Urban Media Makers


First album release is entitled "RYCHESSMEN" released 11-10-07 in USA

Released by Independent label Grindin Boyz Records
link to website:



Growing up in the same town, Poetic and L-Selas started Rychessmen the group. Being from the west coast their beats were west coast, however they were heavily influenced by east coast rappers like Nas, Wu Tang and Common Sense aka Common. Later down the line, they hooked up with Nice who was from the east coast. Nice brought lyrical style to The Rychessmen. Poetic and L-Selas felt that Nice completed their group with his up beat lyrical content. This gave The Rychessmen their own style that allows them to be more universal, and represent from coast to coast.