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"Rychus Syn "Rebirth""

This is heavy metal played the old way with no new sounds creeping in. This is the spikes and denim style of heavy metal and I loved it. No modern metal, no groove, no blast beats, just a pure heavy metal sound. There is not a lot of bands doing this style and it is cool bands like this are around keeping the sound alive. If you like bands like Deadly Blessing, you'll love this. I raise my fist to this and my hat goes off to them for playing pure heavy metal and avoiding the trends. - Metal To The Bone

"Rychus Syn "Rebirth""

Rychus Syn "Rebirth"
Today a tip for insiders again. This album is completely rooted within the 80ies. The album title speaks for itself. This band already had put out a Mini-LP back in 1989 that was also perpetuated on the Greek bootleg "Hard'n Heavy Vol.11". All in all this CD contains 10 tracks including the five tracks of the Mini-LP mentioned above but there are no musical differences to discover between the older and the newer tracks. Solid US Metal gently flatters the most important organ of a Metal Maniac (of course, it is impossible to fill in beer there). The first guitar riff of the song "One Voice" immediately brings Metallica to my mind. But don't worry, it is the only time, not the hundredth copy. Otherwise the songs are held in mid tempo like Metal Church and Co. Guess that should be reason enough for every old-school Metal Maniac to add this CD to his collection.Of course, newcomers are welcome as well. www.rychussyn.com - Metal-Rules


Azra/Iron Works Records EP "License to Kill"
Racer Records "Hard and Heavy Rarities Volume 11
Photon Records "Rebirth"



New York’s Rychus Syn was formed by guitarist extraordinaire Drew Maniscalco and younger brother and drummer Greg Maniscalco. Drew's killer melodic guitar riffs combined with Greg's metal arrangements and lyrical expertise, developed the core writing team that became the heart and soul of Rychus Syn.

Shortly after writing a few songs, Drew and Greg added bassist Mike Purdue to Rychus Syn. Mike was a close friend of the brothers, and shared the same metal influences. After many trials and auditions in the following months, vocalist A.D. Babcock joined Rychus Syn to complete their original line up. Drew and Greg began writing the music for a 5 song demo.

Rychus Syn hit the vibrant New York City club scene with a vengeance. It didn't take long for Rychus Syn to build a loyal fan base and became regulars in major New York City clubs. While their performances included covers of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Ozzy, Rychus Syn would also include their original songs in the set. It was the overwhelming positive response from fans, that inspired Rychus Syn to record their original songs.

Bassist Mike Purdue left the band before recording any of the material. Rychus Syn quickly found bassist Jerry Roselli to begin recording. To keep the record and the sound in focus, Rychus Syn decided to work with producer Steve Amend of Photon Records. A veteran of the rock and metal industry, Steve Amend had been producing many of the top metal and hard rock bands in the New York area at this time.

After shopping their demo to the industry, Rychus Syn's first release was picked up by Azra/Iron Works Records. They released an EP titled "License to Kill". Rychus Syn's EP achieved modest success on the indie circuit and began to get regular airplay on local metal radio stations. Rychus Syn then took on a Manager and began playing larger venues opening for Pantera, Rondinelli, TT Quick and Cintron.

With material being written for the follow up album, bassist Jerry Roselli decided to leave to form his own band. Original Rychus Syn bassist Mike Perdue returned to the band. For the next year Rychus Syn continued to play shows and write new material or their next release. Before recording their second album, Rychus Syn disbanded due to creative differences.

Drew and Greg decided to shelve the Rychus Syn material and form a new band. They put together a new group with longtime fans and roadies Dan Reid on vocals and Damone on guitar. Dan Reid’s powerful vocal style inspired Drew and Greg and brought the music to a whole new level of intensity. Adding guitarist Damone, fattened the sound with his shredding style. Rychus Syn soon found bassist Jeff Costanza and named the band Dr. Kayne. This band stayed together 2 years until guitarist Damone left for personal reasons. It was during these two years a nucleus was formed, and what will become the future line up for Rychus Syn.

After a long 12 year hiatus and some research, Greg discovered there was still much interest in Rychus Syn. The original vinyl EP, although rare to find, is still in circulation internationally. Rychus Syn's recordings are also found on many metal bootlegs being sold all over the world, including a pirated version of the EP on Racer Records titled "Hard and Heavy Rarities Volume 11". Rychus Syn also appears on many heavy metal web sites world-wide and is respected as one of the most sought after works of metal in music history. This inspired Greg to conceive a re-emergence of Rychus Syn.

Greg first approached Dan Reid and brother Drew with the idea of reforming Rychus Syn. Greg proposed re-recording the 5 song EP and the unrecorded material. Combining all songs into one full length album. Guitarist Drew and Dan Reid vocalist, enthusiastically accepted the opportunity. Dan Reid came up with the idea of asking former guitarist Damone to join, this time to play bass for the new Rychus Syn. Damone jumped at the chance to play bass and reform Rychus Syn. This time the band clicked on all cylinders. Rychus Syn recently re-united with Producer Steve Amend and recorded the existing material and new songs into their masterpiece album titled "Rebirth". Rhychus Syn released "Rebirth" in 2007 on Photon Records. the band plans to hit the road in support of their new album.