New York City, New York, USA
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Everything the music game's been missing, has finally arrived.

His sexy swag captures the ladies with just one look.

His metaphorical ability makes him a lyrical beast to the fellas.



Ronald Rose, aka Ryder, is a rapper and writer hailing from the Bronx, New York, home of many legends ranging from KRS-One to Fat Joe & Big Pun. The spirit of Hip Hop lurked on the streets where Ryder grew up and went to elementary school, not too far from 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, the building widely known as the birthplace of hip-hop. Ryder perfected his craft as a lyricist, jotting down tales of everyday life in the streets while his grandmother, his guardian at the time, played the blues in the house, further exposing Ryder to the different genres of music. “I write rhymes with a Harlem swag & a Bronx Heart” explains an enthusiastic Ryder, who was fortunate to have been exposed to both neighboring sections of Harlem & the Bronx growing up.

At the age of 14, Ryder moved further uptown to Co-op City to reunite with his mother. Following in the steps of radio personality and television host Big Tigger, and platinum selling producer and recording artist, Swizz Beats, Ryder attended Harry S. Truman High School. As a high school student, Ryder would pen horror stories rhymes about his street struggles and his determination for money, power, and respect. Even as a young kid, Ryder had an ear for good music and true talent. “I listened to a lot of Notorious B.I.G, to DMX ‘s first and second albums when I was younger and Mase for that party music,” says Ryder.

After graduating from high school, Ryder enrolled in the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida. Overwhelmed by freedom, campus life and the ladies, Ryder quickly developed an undeniable desire to party and socialize rather than to attend classes and hit the books. After only one semester of the college life experience, Ryder was expelled. Ryder stayed in the Tampa area performing at open mics nights at various local spots, such as the Full Moon. After teaming up with Jafari Promotions, a marketing team in Florida, Ryder opened up for legendary R&B artists, KC & Jojo, along with an audience of over 4000 people. After an amazing response, Ryder went on to perform at a number of events hosted by New York’s Power 105 FM’s, DJ Envy.

After returning to New York, the street life eventually started to catch up to Ryder and he found himself facing a judge and serious jail time. While being held in a correctional facility, Ryder took heed to some unsolicited advice from a female officer, in passing, which would later change his life. “When I was locked up, a female guard noticed by music tattoo and asked if I rapped. I answered yes and she said ‘well, I guess you’re in here for rapping the wrong tune. So when you get out, make sure you sing the right one.” From that point on, Ryder pledged to himself that he would stay out of trouble and seriously pursue his music dream.

Since then Ryder has switched his style from being a rapper narrating street experience to a lyricist who immortalizes the life of a free spirited young man. Ryder depicts college campus tales on the track “College Cutie,” where you can hear Ryder have a little fun over captivating drums and a repetitive snare. On “That’s My Baby,” Ryder shows a more passionate than humorous side of his talents. The epic record, “Calling My Name,” which has over 40,000 downloads on Twitter, Ryder demonstrates his appreciation for music, using soulful samples over a classic, soulful chorus that will garnish the awareness of the more mature Hip-Hop audience.

As president of his own record label, M.O.O.N. - Music of Our Nature, Ryder strives to achieve similar success to that of his mentor, Russell Simmons. Ryder continues to keep his ear to the streets, mainly giving his attention to the mixtapes of unsigned artists, as opposed to what is currently being played on radio. The upcoming birth of his daughter keeps Ryder focused on his future while reflecting on the glory and mistakes of the past through his skillfully written lyrics. Ryder is a determined, young, upstart artist ready to take on the challenges of regional and national success. Ryder’s motivation and talent will undoubtedly unlock endless opportunities for him as hip-hop’s next icon.


Calling My Name

College Cutie

That's My Baby