Ry Edwards

Ry Edwards

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Musician on a Mission. Creating catchy songs with powerful images. You'll love the music and when you dig into the lyrics you'll find feelings you know, stories you can relate to, and pictures that make you smile.


Ry Edwards plays a guitar influenced by Dave Matthews, Smashing Pumpkins, and James Taylor--blending catchy hooks, jazzy chord progressions, and intricate picking.

Beyond the guitar, Edwards has a classically trained voice that can emote soft melodies or blast powerful tones similar to the Righteous Brothers' version of "Unchained Melody." Edwards' Modern Folk Rock voice can be compared to Ed Kowalczyk (lead singer of the alternative rock band "Live") but is distinct in it's own right.



Written By: Ry Edwards

The way she moves is making me crazy
My throat gets dry and the world gets hazy
Other girls walk by, but nothing can faze me
Because I fell (and fell hard!) in love with Daisy

She’s got a glow-oh-oh about her
Where she go-o-oes the people shout, “Hooray! Daisy’s coming our way!”

She skips and hops like the world’s made of magic
In her yellow sundresses she’s stopping traffic.
Then people start whistling and exchanging helloes
Because the world is brighter and everyone knows...

That spring is here and summer’s a-coming
The flowers are blooming and the trees are budding
It’s the time of year to find some loving
But I can’t look away

She changes with the seasons so she’s not always around,
but the moments that I spend with her help me to find some solid ground

So when people fear the winter
And figure summer’s done her thing
They bundle up and go inside
But to me it still feels like

The spring is here and summer’s a-coming
The flowers are blooming and the trees are budding
It’s the time of year to find some loving
Because I remember everyday


Written By: Ry Edwards

Look at this.
How did I make such a mess of my life
So darn quick? Now I just can’t seem to get it right--
I’m in the thick of the fight
I’ve been fighting all my life
to be where I was,
To be where I was last night

Look at this.
It seems I’ve slipped off my high horse
Into the ditch? Now I’m just waiting for a ride--
to pick me up and dust me off
And then send me on my way
With no clearer vision
Except of mistakes that I’ve just made

Time never stumbles, but I can’t say the same
Because Life is made of Fables we read over and over again.

Look at this.
I’m traveling down the same soggy road
Feeling slick and slimy like an old and ugly toad--
But there’s a Lady a ways off
A little farther down the road
A plastic crown adorns her head,
But her heart is made of gold.

The Night Has Fallen

Written By: Ry Edwards

The night has fallen. The stars are quiet.
The games are over and I’m feeling sore.
I feel a little like Pontius Pilate.
I can’t deal anymore.

I see your picture before my eyes--
It’s clouded over, but I see it there,
That part of life I now despise--
I know I no longer care, but...

Now the night has kept her on my mind
And I can’t find my way to sleep--
I talk to God and I tell him to tell her
To take my soul for keeps

I think I Love her more than I hate her
She keeps me smiling like joker’s wild stud
We never play because she just can’t stand
To take ‘em as they come, but...

The night has fallen the stars are quiet.
They games are over and I’m feeling sore.
I feel a little like Pontius Pilate
I can’t deal anymore.

Pretty Girl (They Love to Love You)

Written By: Ry Edwards

I can’t tell you just what Love is, but I can tell you what it’s not….

You don’t need my love to hold you
through the cold night--you’ve built a fire all your own.

It’s just another excuse
to keep exacting your abuse
Upon the ones who love to love you
Who love to love you
They love to love you through your flaws
Because that’s what Love is.

I can see you’ve built a palace
deep inside your heart where you can play the queen--
But you’re friends live outside
You can barely survive
You don’t know the darkness of your dream…

…the emptiness is filling…
…the emptiness is filling…
…the emptiness is filling…
…the emptiness is filling.

Time to Choose

Written By: Ry Edwards

It’s time to choose
You’ve got the blues
Because you can’t make up your mind
You know what’s right
Baby, tonight
You’ve got to pick them--
Win or Lose

There’s no instructions nor treasure map
No magic 8 ball is going to dictate how you act
You’ve got your questions, but no more time
Can’t spend your whole life waiting in line

You’ve got to choose
You’ve got to use your mind and take a chance
and who knows what you’ll find
And if you lose, the music still plays on
So take this dance
And find out where you went wrong

No invitations are in the mail
The ocean is never placid just go on and set your sail
Then once you’re moving you can decide
To plot a course or just ride out the tide

You can’t always win.
Sometimes, you’ve got to bleed to learn what you don’t need.


Written By: Ry Edwards

Some days It’s hard to want to try
Some days It’s hard to see the colors in the sky
And all I want is just to be so deep in life I can’t see through it,
To live in harmony… But can I do it?

I’ve got a sweet tooth that’s always famished
I’ve got a need for speed; I got in my car and crashed it.
I touch my skin-- but it feels just like a mannequin…
I touch yours-- but soon it’s gone away…
I get forgiven-- but of course, I’m going to sin again,
So does it really even matter anyway
Yea, Yea, Yea, Yeah!

And all I want is just to feel that I truly exist
If I should disappear, I want to know Would I be missed?

But if there was a chance that tomorrow might get better,
I might just find the strength to stand on my two feet,
But the idea is so Romantic that I fed it through the shredder
Because my life is not made for love so it will never be

I need time--Time to rest.
Maybe time? Well, maybe I need time to fight.
Because, see, I need this time of darkness to appreciate the light.

Today is not the day to go ask me for a favor
Because right now, I’m so down that I’m bound to take you too,
But if you try again tomorrow life might be a different flavor
One we both could savor and sink our teeth into.


Edwards chooses from his original catalogue of over 600 songs, picking only the best for your audience. In May of 2007 he released a collection of some of his most requested songs in a full-length LP of 13 songs entitled: Mirage (available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/ryedwards).

Set List

A typical set is 50 minutes followed by a 10 minute break. I can do up to 4 sets without repeating songs.


I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
Lightning Crashes - Live
Today - Smashing Pumpkins
Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins
1979 - smashing pumpkins
Why Georgia - John Mayer
Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Brown-Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Time of your Life - Green Day
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty (not John Mayer)
I saw her standing there - The Beatles
Happy together - The Turtles
Satellite - Dave Matthews Band
Crash into Me - Dave Matthews Band
Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band

Original Music Titles:

Pretty Girl (they Love to Love you)
Rainy Day
Angel in the Orange Coat
Always Wrong (Fickle Pickle)
Lock The Door
The Spiral
Turning White
To Appease
The Twinkle in Your Eye
One Day
I Need Your Smile
Time to Choose
The Ni