Ry Glover

Ry Glover

 Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Ry Glover is an acoustic singer-songwriter. His baritone voice is his forte, and his lyrics are slowly catching up to match it.


Ry Glover was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. He began his singing career as an Elvis Presley impersonator for a fourth grade project. He picked up the guitar when he was sixteen and started writing songs around the same time. After some embarrassingly cheesy and naive first songs with titles such as "The Land of Love" and "The Shark Song" he entered college and was able to use this independence to generate more intelligent song-writing. Due to academic obligations, he's not had the opportunity to perform as much as he'd like, but he has performed at such acclaimed open mic nights as The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and Eddie's Attic in Atlanta.


Living for Myself

Written By: Ry Glover

Put on my slippers and my warm, wool sweater
I'm liking the change in the weather
So I'll go outside.

'Cause right now the sun is breaking the silence
I feel better for the first time since
I don't know when.

And the winter is being left behind us
It's something of a timeless
Cycle indeed.

Where the seasons change and they seem to change us
More than merely age us
But make us think differently.

'Cause right now I'm starting to think
That I'll be happy
At least for a little while.

And who knows how long a while may be?
But it's definitely

And indefinitely
As far as I can see
Is enough for me.

Slight musical break:

I could sit here for hours and hours
Admiring the powers
At be.

And time is just a memory
And I've decided what's important to me
And it's living for myself.

Too many days I find myself just scooting through
Only doing
What others want me to.

And I know
I know
I got your heart in my hand.

I can feel it
I can feel it
As it's breaking.

And I'm sorry but I can't do anything
I can't do anything
To help you now.

'Cause living for you
Wouldn't be fair to me
And it wouldn't be fair to you.

Loved Me Twice

Written By: Ry Glover

Where did you go?
I get down sometimes
Just like everybody does
It's only natural

You're sliding through my hands
you're starting to disappear
please don't fade
I need you near to me

Down comes the night
it's getting dark outside
it's that type of time
when you don't know what's wrong
but you know nothing is right

You know that I tried buy you shut me down
you're on the opposite side and I can't help but shut you down
'Cause I loved you once then you loved me twice
We can't seem to love each other at the same time.

And I wanna tell you how
it's not my fault that I call you when you're not around
it's not my fault that I call you when the bottle's been downed
it's not my fault that I call you when I miss the sound

But the very next day
I don't feel the same way
And you just wanna stay
and I don't know how to say...

... That I wanna be alone
I wanna collect my thoughts
this is feeling to close to home
to something that I'm not

Down comes the night
it's a race against time
will I ever find
someone to fill this void in my life?