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Suddenly, her music is danceable; slaps you in the face. "Kodiak" is the new album, written from the perspective of animals, Rykka slips into the brain of a crow or perceives the world from the perspective of deep-sea fish. Unusual poetry of an unusual, exciting new artist.

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Long before she was known as Rykka, the Vancouver-born singer-guitarist was a staple in clubs and cafés around the world, where she performed acoustic sets and honed a quirky folk sound.

But as she began to write her latest set of songs, her music took on a new form. The electric guitars became jagged and distorted, the synthesizers danceable, the vocals simultaneously tuneful and hollering. Bursting with hard-hitting rock arrangements and hook-laden pop melodies (interspersed with the occasional down-tempo number), this is music that carries a slap-you-across-the-face immediacy.

"For the last year, I've been writing in seclusion, really far away," she says of her exploratory creative burst. "The music has evolved so much from where it was."

The 12 songs that make up Rykka's debut album, Kodiak, were penned in the European farmhouse where she composed for much of 2011. Sessions subsequently took place in Vancouver's Mushroom Studios and District Four Recordings with input from engineer Sean Penner (You Say Party! We Say Die!), mixer Warne Livesey (Matthew Good Band, 54:40), and producer Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas).

"Ryan has a really strong vision," Rykka notes. "I wanted to work with him because I knew that we would clash. He fights for his idea and I fight for mine, and what we come away with is the right thing to do."

All of Kodiak's tracks are sung from the perspective of different animals — "Blackie" a murder of crows, "Down in the Depths" deep sea fish — but they carry unquestionably human themes and concerns. Listening to Rykka's cryptic yet relatable poetry, fans might never realize that the protagonists are not people.

With an album complete and various video projects underway, there's no mistaking this as the same artist who once recorded under her given name of Christina Maria. Now that's she discovered the hedonistic thrill of dance floor-friendly rock, she'll never go back.


Kodiak 2012
Tide You Over 2011
Straight Line 2010

Set List

60 Minute Set +/-
Original Material

The Brink
With Love In Woe
Hiding In A Lion
Showdown Lover
Maps Inside
On The Grasslands
The Mirror
I'm Electric
Straight Line
Kind Friend
Fortune Teller
Travel Back In Time
A Lover In Me
What you Make It