RYLO is a no holds barred blues band from Norfolk , Va. With a style summed up as "dirty swing/gutter blues", and boasting a high energy live show that is sure to please any fan of true American music,..of all age groups! Considered to be versatile, vastly original and always asked to return!


"Rylo is to blues as The Pogues are to traditional Irish music." and "band members throw themselves into their music!" The Virginia Pilot wrote in their reviews of Drnt Music... the all original full length debut by Norfolk band RYLO. One of the many positive reviews, along with the Natchel` Blues Network blues news saying "remarkably well crafted songs" and "fiery harp playing and amphetamine fueled blues and rockabilly". Rylo was born of a few friends in southeast Virginia who shared a deep love for American roots music with a collective sigh for the cliches responsible for the genre's dying interest.
Rylo was formed in 2002. Yards from the docks of the Elizabeth River. After months of wood-shedding, uncountable cases of beer, handles of cheap bourbon, and one can of peach snuff, RYLO took Norfolk by storm. At their first show, the bar ran out of beer and the Fire Marshall's doubled back. The buzz was out.
Two years later, the band released their long awaited CD "Drnt Music". In 2007 "Automatic Oil" was released with nothing but rave local, national and international reviews !! RYLO is still bringing by far some of the largest local crowds in Hampton Roads. Over this period, Rylo has shared the stage with James Harman, John Nemeth, Mark Hummel, Deke Dickerson, The Rev. Horton Heat, Lee Rocker, The Drive By Truckers, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, The Blasters, Derek Trucks band and Mid Atlantic blues legends The Nighthawks. Their wildly entertaining, sweat drenched shows make them the first call for promoters looking to round out a roots bill.
Unlike most other bands in this genre, RYLO relies heavily on writing original music rather than doing blues covers and other standards. "We pay homage to the root of our pulse and influence, yet personalize the songs true to our own experiences."
Whether it be the dirtiest gutter blues, or up-tempo, rockin' jump & swing, there is no doubt that in the most critical of rooms....Rylo will win em' over with their charm, guts, and flat out tenacity of four people who believe deeply in their music.
Quote from producer/guitarist Pete Kanaras:

"Rylo is that rare breed of roots band that is umm, Un. Un afraid to venture into
new territory both musically and lyrically. Unwilling to play a song or a single
note that doesn't ring true to them. Unable to not throw down 1000% every time they
hit the stage. Incapable of playing Mustang Sally. no lame-ass Blues 101 covers here
folks, not a chance. They thoroughly know their roots history but are not slaves to it.
They wear their hearts on their sleeves, which is obvious to all, and they are a
handsome bunch too boot. they make the ladies swoon and grown men proud.
they are my friends and they totally, completely kick ass. if you're tired of
the same ol' same you should give these guys a good listen. i hope you enjoy
this new Rylo music as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

bright moments,
pete kanaras


Drnt Music (2004 lp) ; Automatic Oil (2007 lp)

Tracks from both cd's air regularly on local , regional, and international radio stations and web/podcasts.

Set List

we typically play either 2 - 3 sets ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour each.
mostly original songs with an occasional cover by Slim Harpo, James Harman, T-Bone Walker, or Memphis Minnie.